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  • Full control ability to
    manufacture (rip) world
    reference quality lossless files in
    the privacy of your home or

  • Eliminate online streaming
    subscriptions from services that
    provide mediocre quality
    lossless file content

  • This is the only server in the
    world that is built "Fully Modified
    and tweaked out" from the
    ground up to minimalize noise
    and heat.

  • Use this high end server to
    replace your  main source to
    playback CD's, DVD's, 4K Blu-
    ray discs or all lossless
    files/movie catalogs.

  • 100% open source architecture,
    No proprietary programs or
    software restraints.

  • Ultra quiet silent design
    topology, no fans or other
    devices (No RGB Lights)
    radiating unwanted noise

  • Option to fully power server on
    100% optimized low impedance
    battery power supply for critical
    file rip processing or playback
    (only server in the world to
    feature full battery supply option)

  • Upscale classy server chassis with
    unique motherboard mounting to allow
    top access for all cabling (less depth
    space required)

  • Highest performance linear power supply
    (modified), includes captive ASi
    Statement Silver Shielded power cable.
    Extremely short silver DC power wiring for
    best performance

  • Built-in shielded AC power isolation
    transformer (only server in the world to
    feature this upgrade)

  • High end newest generation SuperMicro
    Z490 Server motherboard, highest PCI-E
    bandwidth on market (4x16)

  • New Intel 10th generation fanless CPU
    using heat radiator (minimal noise/heat)

  • 32GB DDR4 RAM (Cryo treated/shielded)

  • 2TB Samsung EVO 970 Plus SSD HD
    (Cryo treated/Shielded)

  • Pioneer flagship 4K-ready optical disc
    drive (silver hardwired to motherboard)

  • Optional ASi HC-OTM low impedance
    battery power supply to fully power server
    with a flip of a switch

  • Optional high end modified DAC board
    upgrade (DSD1024/PCM1536 capable)
The ASi Perfection Server is the only server
in the world to feature:

  • Captive silver shielded AC power cable

  • Built-in shielded AC power isolation

  • Shortest silver DC power wiring on the
    market from internally built linear
    power supply to motherboard
    (minimum resistance/RFI pickup), no
    external power supply boxes with long
    cables (antennas) and connections
    (RFI pickup, oxidation points)

  • 4-pole electrolytic capacitors
    (additional noise filtering/suppression)

  • Fastest DC power rail capacitors

  • Highest level of RFI shielding and
    vibration/resonance control

  • Optional external tuned low
    impedance battery power supply for
    best possible digital performance

"Ultra High Performance Hi-Fi Audio/Video Modifications/Cables/Solutions for all budgets"
            Introductory Price $6750

Now taking orders for Sept/Oct build

email or call 586-299-1477
Perfection Server
Even though it often goes unanswered, the elephant in the room question about the evolution of digital audio is:
“when will digital audio be as musical, warm, naturally live and compete sonically with what audiophiles have always
consider to be the “absolute best” with analog sound derived from master tape or vinyl played through tube or very
musical tube like amplifiers”?

Enter, the “Perfection Server”:

While others focus on manufacturing electronics for certain segments or aspects of the whole digital audio spectrum—ie.
just streaming, file playback, digital to analog conversion etc.--, we understand digital audio at every level, holistically,
starting with most importantly, the creation of highest quality highest resolution files (ripped CDs or AtoD files)… not all
digital files are of equal quality or resolution especially anything streamed over the internet. After we optimize your ability
to own or manufacture the world’s highest quality digital audio files for local playback, then we seek to optimize a server
platform optimally built for ripping, archiving/storing, playback and streaming (with optimized modem and router) at the
highest resolution possible. Drawing from many years of research and diverse experience from modifying and tweaking
the deficiencies of other manufactured gear for digital audio,  every digital audio product that we create originates form
the our desire to not only meet but far exceed the live music experience and natural fidelity that audiophiles have always
appreciated from only the very very  best of analog music reproduction.

Many manufacturers of high-end audio gear can produce products that create a great sound; we go far beyond that
using our holistic approach to digital audio reproduction and our connection with music… to touch your soul.