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Bybee Music Rails
Music Rails installed into Cary Cinema 11A,
one for the Dexa Neutron Star PSU feeding the
Neutron Star clock for master DSP processing
and a second rail for HDMi Processing
circuitry/input-output board
Music Rail installed into Denon 2900 for DAC
chip processing. We heard further into the
soundstage with lower noise floor and more low
level information, nice!
Dual Positive and Negative Music Rails installed
into the Burson AB-160 audio buffer. This took the
noise floor down much lower on this nice buffer.
Music Rail installed into Wadia 170i Ipod Dock to
clean up the outboard switching power supply
Music Rail installed for the Neutron Star
clock upgrade for a DEQX PDC-2.6
Music Rail installed between Dexa PSU and
Neutron Star clock in a DEQX HDP-3 processor
Various Installation Pics:
Most of us use some sort of AC power conditioning device in our systems to attempt to improve performance.
However, there always seems to be mixed end results with this depending on the make and model of your conditioner.

AC power conditioning doesn't cure or fix the critical noises thats self-generated
inside your equipment by its own
internal switching or linear power supplies affecting all surrounding circuits. These noises are being generated by
the    process of DC (Direct Current) rectification and voltage regulation as well as high frequency switching noises
from PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) switching transformers in supplies inside almost every piece of gear you own.

In Digital sources (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray), DAC's, computer audio products, and A/V processors these noises from the
internal DC power supplies affect:
  • System IC processing chipsets (function logic programming, etc)
  • Transport lasers, motor speed and disc readability
  • Master clock generators (jitter performance)
  • Digital Signal Processing and DAC processing (upsampling, upconverting, oversampling, etc)
  • Analog stage opamp-buffer voltage rails

In Analog equipment (Phono Stages, Headphone amplifiers, Preamps, integrateds, solidamplifiers, etc) these noises
  • Input section gain stage power voltage rails
  • Volume control circuitry
  • Output gain section or final output stage transistors or tubeset voltage rails

What can be done to correct the power supply noises to these sensitive circuits?

Answer: DC power conditioning! Clean the noise out! Enter the Music Rail by Bybee Labs!

What is the Music Rail and how will the device help my equipment perform better?

Music Rails from Bybee Labs, Inc. is a PATENTED active DC power conditioning noise filter module that installs
inside the power  supply section of the gear that your own. They work excellent for digital sources (CD, DVD, Blu-
Ray, etc), DAC's, Processors, computer audio products, preamps, integrateds and power amplifiers. Bybee Music
Rails actively increase the resolution, definition and dynamics of both audio and video signals by removing noise
unwanted signal from DC power supplies. With their low noise and low impedance, they produce a highly purified
source of clean DC power to power the circuit. They move the noise out of phase from the voltage, thus draining
noise to ground. Signal-on-rail is reduced along with power supply noise. The audio improvements are less
background noise, more dynamic energy, more definition transparency and greater sense of realism and along
effortlessness coming out  of your system. This is a no-brainer of an upgrade because it actively removes what
components do not like, noise! The Music Rail will also improve the overall picture color and clarity of video  in a
application where its being used in conjunction.

Bybee Music Rail is a real patented active DC circuit that cleverly removes noise.
It is NOT a Snake Oil Gimmick!
Music Rail Positive and Negative 15amp  
modules installed in First Watt Aleph J clone
power supply before amplifier circuit boards.
The Music Rails are heatsinked to the rear
panel. The improvements were immediate, first
off we heard a blacker background, much
cleaner and more resolute sound and it felt the
amplifier had better control over the
loudspeakers at any given volume level.
4 Music Rails installed into Oppo BDP-83SE for
DAC Chip, master clock, positive and negative
analog output stage voltage rails.  This made a
jawdropping improvement across the entire
audio spectrum inside this player. The customer
immediately heard a vast drop of noise he didn't
think he even had in his system and music is
being presented in a much more livelier fashion.
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One of the BEST upgrades you can do for your High End Audio!
This is what the Music Rail circuit looks like. The Bybee Music Rail is a PATENTED
DC Noise filter elimination circuit that moves the input voltage noise out of phase
from the output voltage signal and it drains the noise to ground so the output is
dramatically cleaner. You can do a easy A/B with a wire jumper and immediately
here the improvements.
This is NOT a Snake Oil Gimmick!
Here is a picture of the installation of the Bybee Music Rails in the
CarySLP-05, these patented DC conditioning circuits significantly
reducenoise on the voltage rails and makeup for a good portion of the
Bybee Music Rails installed into a Wadia 171i ipod
dock (underneath circuit board as there is 2 more
on the top side).