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2020 Statement Rebuild
We Ship
World Wide!

The Behringer DCX2496(LE) is the audio signal processor required when it comes to line
level crossover applications and some light system room equalization. The major benefit of
this processor is that is does all the processing in the digital domain. The downfalls of this
commercial style piece is the lack of high quality parts used within, plenty of bottlenecked
audio circuits in and around the A/D and D/A chipsets that need to be completely removed
and rebuilt upon. We have designed some really great modification rebuild improvement
packages to skyrocket the performance of the DCX2496. We feel after our rebuilds that this
is the best sounding processor available at any price, easily outperforming other processors
that cost over $5000 stock, we also modify those other processors as well.... The newer
DCX2496LE model does not have a Input C digital input or a RS-232 connection and costs
less than the original DCX2496 which has also been upgraded within the past couple years
to newer/better PCB layout design and circuit boards. They also removed the PCMCIA card
slot on the front of the newer revision DCX units.

Designed for biamp or triamp applications.
Note: if you desire a different configuration let us know.

"Statement" Modification Rebuild -
This is package was designed using the highest performance diodes (ASi No Limits
diode bridge), clocks (Dexa Neutron Star 2) and our custom made statement audio
coupling transformers
and many other exotic mods/tweaks. The Input/Output circuit board
is completely removed and everything is hard wired directly to the DSP/ADAC/DAC circuit
board. This rebuild package will give your system
World Reference sound, and have no
comparisons. We have built many iterations of these over the past 12 years and the owners
are in audio heaven, this new 2020 Statement modification is completely off the charts and is
about 40% better than our previous older versions.  The Ch1 A + Ch2 B inputs and 1-4
(outputs ch5-6 are $400 extra for triamping or stereo subwoofers) are
completely transformer coupled with the best sounding tweaked out premium grade signal
coupling transformers we offer for the absolute best sound. Top Grade, No limits, completely
transparent.  All of the mod parts and circuit board is treated with
C37 Gold Standard
vibration resonance lacquer (most exotic vibration/resonance lacquer in the world) and
Audio Magic Ultimate Black Out Paint for RFI/Resonance control, The C37 and Ultimate
Black Out Paint really make the sound correct and perfect, without it the music is lifeless and
hopeless. The entire unit is EMI/RFI shielded using high end shielding tape around the
chassis, top lid, sides and bottom of the DCX2496 units.   The DSP board is modified and we
install the
Neutron Star 2 flagship clock for the 2496 processing circuit (using Oil
capacitors in the clock signal!!) for the lowest amount of noise and jitter on the reference
clock signal possible. This clock
TOTALLY WAKES UP the DCX2496 beyond what was ever
thought imaginable.   If you want the best sounding DCX2496 in the world to revolutionize
the sound of  your system you need to take advantage of this State of the Art performance
rebuild package that is found no where else! The inputs and outputs can be either XLR (true
balanced) or RCA all through, just let us know which you prefer when ordering.
Customer Feedback:
Your DCX mods are
incredible! I am now
really hearing
the music out of my
CS2's unlike before!
Everyone who owns
the DCX2496 needs
to have these mods
done to hear all the
music as you are
only hearing a
fraction of your
treasured collection.

ASi "Statement" Modification Descriptions
AC/DC Power Supply Modifications-

We replace critical capacitors and diodes in the SMPS power supply and DSP Board with
Ultra Low Impedance
Rubycon ZLG series capacitors. The diode bridge is replaced with the
ASi No Limits Diode bridge which is made up of cryo treated ultra super fast smd diodes
and then coated in C37 and Ultimate Black Out Paint! The Rubycon caps are the fastest
reacting capacitors with lowest ultra low impedance and high ripple current qualities.  We
2 critical +5vdc voltage regulators that power the critical DSP circuits and the AKM
DAC chips with
Dexa UWB2 discrete Voltage regulators, ultra low noise regulators for a
major performance improvement to those respective circuits.

Dexa Neutron Star 2 Flagship Clock Upgrade-

We install the new top notch world class flagship clock circuit with extremely low
FemtoSecond jitter to replace the stock high-jitter 24/96khz circuit reference crystal
oscillator for a complete and seriously drastic reduction in jitter in the digital circuits.
Extremely expanded soundstaging, additional low level detail, timing, clarity, focus, dynamics
and resolution are examples of this very critical mod component upgrade. Everything
sounds so ultra fine and resolute, unlike anything else you can find. The ASi Sig Ref clock
has a very unique feature, unlike other clocks on the market, as the clock signal is isolated
from the power supply ground, so you get no ground loop, and also you get no Mains Noise
injection.  This clock is treated with C37 Gold Standard and Audio Magic Ultimate Black Out
Paint.  If you want the best, you have to get our tweaked Dexa Neutron star 2 clock!!!

C37 Gold Standard Vibration/Resonance Lacquer Upgrade:
Exclusively available only from ASi, the C37 Gold Standard flagship exotic vibration
resonance lacquer is applied in multiple coatings to all modification parts (capacitors,
diodes, Dexa Neutron Star 2, DAC/ADAC chipsets, bybee music rails, etc), power supply
parts, and signal coupling transformers to reduce internal resonances on these parts for
very hearable sonic improvements.  There is considerably more subliminal information and
atmosphere around voices and underlying tones (many new natural organic tones heard
across the frequency spectrum) that were not present before the lacquer application and it
only keeps getting better week after week as the lacquer hardens and cures. The curing
and break-in is about 10 weeks for this incredible resonance lacquer.

Audio Magic Ultimate Black Out Paint upgrade: (RF blocking/resonance
Audio Magic Black Out Liquid blocks RF and dampens vibrations on all the mod parts and
circuits that we apply it too. It is essentially a non-conductive paint suspension of 3 different
materials that absorb incoming and outgoing RF. Black Out paint removes audio grit, grain
and stridency in the midrange/treble. It also tends to restore a naturalness, silkiness, and
smoothness to the music presentation. This is a very critical part of the rebuild modification!

EMI/RFI Shielding: This is extremely critical! Other pieces of gear in our house
(cablebox, computer, router, etc) internal clock resonators spurn off spurious emissions that
get picked up inside, but after shielding the unit the signals are not present anymore. Local
RF transmitting towers (AM or FM) depending on where you live can also interfere. Careful
shielding of the chassis/lid, power supplies, clocks and wiring is a must for best
performance.  (essentially creating a pseudo faraday cage to block RFI from coming into the

Input/Output Board removal, Signature Transformer Input & output stage
The entire stock DCX input/ouput board is completely removed and the analog inputs A+B
and Outputs 1-4 are "transformer coupled" via the highest performance signal coupling
transformers to the input and then the outputs of the 2496 circuit board. ASi custom silver
wire is used for all connections. This is the most optimal way that we know to do the input
and output circuits for the best sound. Transformer coupling also isolates noise, since both
the inputs and outputs are passive coupled, this will effectively increase the S/N ratio as the
transformer block high frequency noise being generated by your other equipment
connecting to the DCX. The best sounding audio signal coupling transformers are used for
the best performance possible. This modification rebuild removes the signal parts such as
opamps, signal coupling capacitors, signal relays and such for the best sound possible.

The Inputs and outputs is
100%TRUE BALANCED Dual Differential via XLR! We can also
install RCA's instead of the XLR's for all input and output channels, please let us know which
you would like when ordering.
Attention All Emerald
Physics Speaker

These mods are a

You are
compromised if you
are listening through
a stock chalky
sounding DCX2496!
ASi OTM comes in Black or
Gold color, please specify
on ordering.
Please email us for all pricing and custom

Do you have questions?
~Need a 75ohm high performance digital input?
~Need a quote to order a custom configuration
DCX2496 modification?
~Emerald Physics CS3 owner? (reduced price)

Please send us a quick email message below, after
you hit submit, it will take you back to the homepage.
Bybee Music Rails Installed
Gold Standard
Gold Standard
Optional Ultra High Performance Mod Upgrades -
(to add into statement mod package above to elevate audio performance even further)

~AKM chipset upgrades (ADAC and DAC)
Replace the stock AK5393 ADAC chipset to the upgraded AK5394 chipset. Replaces all 3 of
the AK4393 stock OEM dac chips to the
AKM AK4396 flagship dac chips. We noticed more
presence, more resolution more speed and thus more sound with these swaps, about a 30%
performance improvement. The new ADAC and DAC chips are then coated with C37 Gold
Standard resonance lacquer, and then coated with Audio Magic Black Out  Paint for
RFI/Resonace control. The end result is completely fascinating!

~Bybee Music Rails DC power conditioning modules upgrade
Bybee Music Rails are patented DC power conditioning circuits that are installed at the tail
end of the modified DC power supply to the DSP/A-D/D-A and critical clocking. These are
designed to reduce noise on these voltage rails up to 45db. This is about a 4x noise drop!
These are installed for the ADAC/DAC voltages, DSP processing voltages and for the clock

~ASi OTM Low Impedance external battery supply upgrade-
This is the mod upgrade that you need if your looking for the best possible sound from the
DCX2496.  This is a total gamechanger and the largest improving mod option upgrade we can
provide (far surpasses AC power conditioning/correction). The critical audio processing
circuitry (and clocking) is run off of this external low impedance battery supply for maximum
audio performance.  The Power supply sections of the DCX2496 to these audio/clock circuits is
bypassed (however the other parts of the DCX power supplies are used for other purposes
that are not related to audio, so don't be confused, this supply runs the critical audio
processingand clocks (the most important parts), not the entire processor as its
notnecessary). A Multi-pin connector is installed on the rear of the DCX2496 to accommodate
the battery supply voltages via a 30 inch shielded custom made umbilical cord.  To turn on the
DCX2496, you simply connect and turn on the OTM supply first, then turn on DCX and your
good to go! No worries or issues! The OTM has built-in autocharging, included is a external
digital timer and power cord. The digital timer is preset to recharge the supply every night (or
your time preference) sothe supply is always topped off and will never run down or out.  No
maintenance! Set and forget! The digital timer acts like a high voltage switch, so there is never
any AC inside of the battery supply while you are listening for the quietest and best audio
performance. The OTM enclosure is made from EMI/RFi reduction aluminum,the color choices
are Black or Gold. The enclosure size is 12"W x 12"L x 5"H so this supply can mount below in a
rack shelf or side by side to the unit if on atable.  The supply if used correctly should last easily
5-8 years. We have built hundreds of custom OTM supplies starting since 2006.
ASi DCX2496 Statement Modification Pictures
Here is the full overview picture of the statement  mod for a 2 input 6 output setup. This has all of the mods done
except the ASi OTM battery supply (please see other pics below for that). Please see the XLR connectors mounted
on rear and hardwired to tweaked out signature signal coupling transformers and then wire directly into the circuit
board. The Input/Output circuit board is completely removed as its not needed.
Hint: after you receive the modified unit from us and you set it up, turn power off and unplug the grey ribbon cable
to- front faceplate to turn it off for a 20-25% improvement in sound.
This is a pic of a 2 input, 4 output Statement mod done with the ASi OTM low
impedance- battery supply. Unbelievable sound! Totally transparent!! Blows away any
stock processor/crossver out there regardless of price!
Please see the ASi OTM silver shielded battery connection cable that hardwires into the
DCX2496 circuit so there is only ONE connection for the power to the ASi OTM battery supply
for best sound. This is the best sounding modded DCX2496 out there on the market today!
Here is a pic of a Statement Modified DCX2496 with all mod options, sitting on top of the ASi OTM
low-impedance battery supply that powers the critical audio processing and clocking. If you want the
best possible sound with a line level digital crossover, this is your answer! This is the most
transparent crossover you will find! ALOT of hard work goes into building this incredible sounding
Statement Modified DCX2496
One word comes to mind when listening to
this piece in your system:
Basic Mod Rebuild DCX2496 with upgraded
statement version transformers. This unit has a
75ohm SPDIF optimized input and 4 channels of
transformer outputs.
Modified PSU2496 inside DCX/DEQ/FBQ
Behringer units. Some of the mods include:
New diode rectifiers, complete capacitor
replacement, large PSU capacitor and
voltage regulators
Another view of the DCX2496 with digital
input to 4 channel outputs. We can do all 6
channel outputs just ask for price difference.
Statement Modified DCX2496
Full Statement Mod with Bybee Music Rails
RFI Shielding done to top of chassis
lid and bottom of chassis, and the
internal sides of chassis to create a
shielded cage.
Statement mod showing Neutron Star,
DEXA UWB regulators, silver wiring/cotton
tubing, Rubycon capacitors, C37 lacquer
treatment, Bybee Music Rails
Full unit picture of the Full Statement Mod
with Bybee Music Rails/AKM Chips
Bybee Music Rails installed for the AKM
ADAC/DAC/DSP circuits and Neutron Star
clock upgrade. These drop noise
significantly and significantly open up  
the soundstage, improves the dynamics
and resolution.
Statement Modified DCX2496 with
AKM/Bybee Music Rails, customized
with 2 RCA inputs to 2 RCA outputs
with 1 RCA output for subwoofer
We can install RCA's instead of the standard
XLR's. Please let us know when ordering so
we can set your unit up correctly.
The inputs and outputs are labeled on
custom DCX2496 configurations
Basic Modified unit with Digital input
(75ohm) for coaxial to 4 XLR outputs.
Basic Modified DCX2496 with Digital input
(75ohms) to 6 RCA single ended outputs. We
can install any configurations you wish, just ask.
Basic Modified unit with Digital input
(75ohm) for coaxial to 4 XLR outputs.
Basic Modified unit with Digital input
(75ohm) for coaxial to 4 XLR outputs.
Do you have an appetite for the worlds best sounding DCX2496 unit? We can make you a
custom fully modified, battery powered No Limits Behringer made in a custom shielded
enclosure. The ASi OTM battery supply also lives inside along with the charging networks.
ASi No Limits Behringer DCX2496 Built into a custom wood enclosure!
Built-in Low Impedance Battery Power! World Reference Sound!
Used with
Emerald Physics rebuilt CS-3 system for World Reference Sound!
The whole custom black wood
chassis is EMI/RFI shielded to
reject stray noises.
2 inputs to 6 outputs, all 100% True dual
differential Balanced XLR . AKM DAC chips
have been upgraded to the AK4396 chips
If your interested in building a custom No Limits Behringer DCX2496,
please send us a
ASi is the only company to take the Behringer DCX2496 to these extreme limits of audio
reproduction. This custom battery powered processor blows away ANYTHING else out there!
Archive/Older (Prior to 2019) Statement Pictures
This is a older modified/rebuilt DCX with Dexa clock and transformer upgrades.
"World Reference Audio Modifications/Tuning & Bespoke Creations!"