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This is our fully modified Oppo UDP-205 player including 7.1 rebuild. There
is no other modifier in the world who does such mindblowingly precise
applications of so much exotic EMI/RFI shielding, resonance control and
circuit rebuilds with many upgrade options like we do here. If your looking
for the best sounding & performing Oppo 205 mods in the world, this is it!
This pic is of a 100% STOCK Oppo UDP-205 for comparative
purposes, please look back and forth between this picture and
the picture of the modified 205 above it, night and day!
All modified units owners are sent pictures before shipment.
This is a pic of one of our modified 205's with the power
supply lid off and the 7.1 channel board pulled out so you
can see the rest of the modified unit.
This pic is of the USB and Analog stage. You can see the
XLR and signal transformer we fabricated into the rear panel
for the AES/BEU input upgrade. The analog board has been
fully modified and you can see 5 tweaked Bybee Music Rails
to drastically lower power supply noise on the modified
power supply that feeds all those modified circuits.  
5 Bybee Music Rails  (DC power supply noise reduction
circuits) that are tweaked out and coated with C37 Gold
Standard and the precise application of Audio Magic
Ultimate Black Out paint on eveything for ultimate
shielding/resonance control.
This is our 7.1 channel rebuild mod pic. After doing alot of
customization, we can fit 8 high end tweaked out custom ASi
signal coupling transformers across the 7.1 circuit board. This
unit also has 8 WBT Nextgen copper upgrade tweaked out
connectors for the whole package!
As one of the upgrade options, we add 2 Bybee iQSE panels to
the Oppo 205 power supply and one as shown here mounted
on the shielded top lid over where the power transformer is to
quiet down that area of the player.
Here is a rear shot of the fully modified player. Please notice the 7.1
WBT nextgen RCA upgrades (with Audio Magic Black out paint RF
screen mask precisely painted over all connectors and rear panel for
extreme RF control). There is also a AES/BEU XLR input added.
Before (stock) & After (modified) pictures:
This is a before and after pic of the 7.1 channel circuit board rebuild showing
you how drastic it is. The bottom circuit board is the 100% stock 7.1 circuit
board and the top circuit board is the fully modified 7.1 circuit board with 8
high end tweaked ASi custom signal coupling transformers for the best
sound.  You can see the Audio Magic Black Out paint on all the parts.
The pic to the right is another pic of a 100% stock oppo (top) in
comparison to the fully modified oppo 205 (below) it.  This pic has the
units 7.1 channel boards and power supply shells removed to show
you the power supply underneath and modified parts.
Here is the shielding shell lid that fits over the power supply
inside the Oppo 205. The left lid is 100% stock and the right
lid has been completely shielded on both sides and a Bybee
iQSE panel has been mounted to clean up noises inside the
modified power supply section of the Oppo.
The other side of the shielding shell lid to show you
the difference between stock (left) and modified (right).
Everything is heavily shielded!! No other modifier shields like how
we do with multiple kinds of precise shielding done throughout.
This is the left side of the player with the shielded power supply lid
and shielded power supply toroid transformer and wiring.
Master Modification Price List-  Oppo UDP-205 Modification Sale!

Oppo UDP-205 Modification Rebuild Packages Sale Mod Pricing!:
  • Premium Modification Rebuild Original price $995 now $695  (includes Free Fedex home delivery return shipping USA/Canada)
  • Statement Modification Rebuild Original price $1695 now $1150 (includes Free Fedex home delivery return shipping USA/Canada)
  • No Limits Modification Rebuild Original price $3295 now $2500 (includes Free Fedex home delivery return shipping USA/Canada)

Optional UDP-205 ala carte high end modification upgrade additions, Sale Pricing!:
  • ASi modified linear power supply upgrade (best version in the industry) was $750 now $550
  • Bybee Music Rails DC power supply Noise Filter Circuits (tweaked) $200/1qty, $350/2qty, $550/4qty, $675/5qty
  • Bybee slipstream quantum purifier filters (tweaked) was $450, now $FREE with any mod package!
  • Bybee iQSE Internal Quantum Signal Enhancers, 2 are used inside oppo $300
  • Dexa Neutrino 2 clock upgrade (fully tweaked out unlike no other clock out there!) Was $295 installed, now $250
  • Dexa NewClassD Neutron Star 2 Flagship Clock upgrade option $550 (fully tweaked unlike no other clock!)
  • 2ch WBT RCA connectors upgrade (tweaked out) $150
  • 7.1 Multichannel Statement Audio circuit High End audio transformers rebuild, was $995, now $900
  • 7.1 Multichannel WBT RCA connectors upgrade (tweaked) was $750, now $600
  • NewclassD Ultra low noise power supply upgrade, was $295, now $225
  • Mult Region, Multi-Zone region free mod $125
  • Headphone Output stage modification $100
  • AES/BEU XLR digital upgrade for USB DAC input circuit $150 (new XLR connector installed, signal transformer, wiring)
  • USB DAC Audio circuit upgrade, Original Price $295,  $250
  • DCT (Deep Cryogenic Treatment) done to all modification parts, wiring and circuit boards was $300 now $250
  • ASi OTM (Off The Mains) Low Impedance External Battery Supply upgrade, Original Price $995, $750
  • Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX Premier (brand new version) (further modified/tweaked) $550

Shipping Costs-
  • Return ground shipping via Fedex is Free for all USA/Canada modifications and new modified units.
  • International Shipping outside of North America $175, unit is sent via USPS (along with customs/tracking information), 1 week delivery.
  • The cost to ship the separate ASi OTM battery supply is $160 outside North America. OTM is sent via USPS. A special 220 to 115v step
    down converter transformer is provided with the order for the OTM to operate on 220v.

  • Oppo UDP-205 mods can be ordered through email or send us a instant email message on the form below.
  • Please list mods & options your interested in & we will send you a final quote, invoice and trade contact and shipping information.
  • Turnaround time is based off of how many mods/options are chosen. Usual turnaround time is in the range of 2-4 weeks.
  • We need to know which 2ch audio outputs you desire to use (RCA or XLR?) as these circuits are separated by stock design (4 circuits)
  • You will receive email pictures of all modifications done and of all parts installed before we ship your modified player out so you see all the
    work is done that was agreed upon.

Contact: or Please fill out the form below to contact us (will take you to our homepage when you hit submit).
We offer 2 high end modification rebuild packages (on sale) that encompass modifying the power supply,
clocking tweaks and analog output stages and you can pick the extra performance upgrade options from
the price list to add into the project. Here are the 2 mod package descriptions:

Oppo UDP-205 Premium Modification Rebuild Original Price $995, SALE $695 USD installed

~Power supply upgrades (Low impedance ultra fast rectifiers, ultra fast ultra low impedance Rubycon ZLG series DSP/2ch capacitor upgrade,
re-work AC inlet & other sections of switching supply, hard solder all power connections)
Master clocking is tweaked and damped to lower noise/jitter.
~Extensive EMI/RFI shielding to entire unit
Transport mechanism tweaks
~Grounding improvements done throughout unit
Audio Magic Ultimate Black Out Paint (RF shielding paint and resonance control) to all mod parts, DAC chips, power supply parts, wiring.
2CH Analog output stage rebuild/shorten (either RCA or XLR sections) (Very High quality audio signal transformers, 99.999% silver
cryotreated wiring with natural unbleached cotton tubing, etc).
We offer a black or gold finish ASi OTM low impedance battery supply
chassis option (with 30" DC umbilical cable) to run the Oppo UDP-205
critical audio processing and circuits off our ultra fast & ultra clean DC
battery power instead of the internal power supply/AC mains, which is
drastically revolutionary!
No other modifier in the world offers this type
of mindblowing/gamechanging performance upgrade option.
Why bother with the competitors
stock slow noisy linear supplies
(along with AC mains distortions)
when you can go ultra low
impedance battery power
instead? Nothing sounds cleaner!
Chassis also available in black.
ASi OTM Low Impedance
Battery Power Supply
Passive RFI elimination (installed inside
player) cancels out spurious noises
creating by power supplies, clocking
circuitries & other signals such as Wi-Fi
& other local transmitters (smartphone!).
Lowers background noise, increases
clarity, 3D imaging effects.  
Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX
(ASi Modified/Tweaked)
Bybee Music Rails
(ASi Modified)
Bybee iQSE panels
projects get these as they wipe
out so much noise & clean up
the sound tremendously!
$2500 No Limits Modification rebuild (special) very limited upgrade (on sale, original price $3295)-
Please contact us for more information on this world class reference state of the art rebuild package as we are doing this for only a limited
number- of customers (under 25 mods total) due to limited exotic mod parts availability for this level of comprehensive rebuild.
Statement Modification Rebuild Original Price $1695, SALE $1150 USD installed!  (most popular)

~Elaborate Power supply upgrades (Super low impedance ultra super fast cryo treated ASi No Limits Diodes bridge (best sounding diode bridge
in- the world), super fast super low impedance Rubycon ZLG series DSP/2ch capacitor upgrades, re-work AC inlet and other sections of switching
supply- to speed it up and reduce distortions, hard solder all power connections, remove 115/230v switch.
Extensive EMI/RFI shielding to entire unit chassis, lids, side panels,& wiring inside
Master DSP clock exotic tweak upgrade w/newly developed ASi Ultimate RFblock technology
~Transport mechanism tweaks & the entire transport tray & other parts of the transport are coated with C37 GS resonance lacquer
Grounding Improvements done throughout the unit, including the transport area
C37 Gold Standard exotic resonance lacquer to ALL mod parts, DAC chips, power supply parts, etc.  This is only exclusive to ASi, no other
modifier- is using C37!!!!
Audio Magic Ultimate Black Out Paint (RF shielding paint and resonance control) to all mod parts, DAC chips, power supply parts, wiring.  Mod
parts& circuit boards & wiring is coated with this exotic resonance & ultimate RF control paint for mindblowing noise reduction & improved transient-
response, resolution and dynamics.
2CH Analog output stage rebuild (RCA or XLR, your choice, please let us know on ordering)(Using the Highest quality audio signal
(treated with C37 Gold Standard & Audio Magic black out paint), cryo treated 99.999% silver wiring/natural unbleached cotton tubing,
etc)we can build the
XLR output 100% true balanced dual differential, no one else is offering this type of XLR output in the mod industry.
                       Oppo UDP-205
High End Modification Rebuilds & Options
"World Reference High End Audio Modifications/Tuning & Unique Bespoke Creations!"
March 2020