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Vibration Resonance Lacquer
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Where to apply:
~CD players/DAC's/Preamps: Power supply diodes, heatsinks,
capacitors, master clocking, IC chipsets, transformers, CD transport
tray, motors, circuit traces, IEC inlets, etc
~Amplifiers: power transformers (only if running cool), IEC's, plastic on
connectors, external portion of signal parts, amp final chipsets
~Speakers: internal walls, binding posts
~Speaker drivers: cones, surrounds, baskets, magnets.
GREAT on tweeters!!! Removes synthetic metal sounds
~Cables: connectors, magic boxes
~Treat CD's and SD cards
What it is:
C37 is a special violin varnish/lacquer used for vibration and resonance
control which is created by Dieter Ennemoser in Austria.  It has been
used by professionals and amateurs all around the world in pro audio
and high end audio situations for over 15 years. For high end audio
purposes, this lacquer can be applied onto anything that
vibrates/resonates (except tubes due to heat and some other
exceptions,see down below).   We have been selling and using C37
since the early 2000's. The lacquer has been improved multiple times in
the past 17 years with improved compositions.  We have now spent
thousands of hours evaluating and it is doing something very special
that we have never experienced before with a much closer emotional
bond between the performers and you the listener. The improvements
are immediately dramatic and you will a hear a new world of natural
organic colorful sound and tones unlike you have ever witnessed

C37 Information Links

C37 Theory:

C37 lacquer webpage:

C37 reviews: (These are of the older lacquer, new version much better!)
Sound and Break-in:
You will hear dramatic results immediately as C37 is being
applied as it works with vibrations/resonances (which are
extremely critical to audio playback!). If you paint one side of
your speaker drivers and take a listen it is NIGHT and DAY.
You will hear more inner/outer harmonic tones, vibrance,
brilliance and naturalness unlike ever before. The sense of  
correct time spacing between instruments and the coherentcy
is absolutely mind boggling.  The bond between the music and
the listener is exquisitely emotional. You will hear small
resolute details once not apparent and say out loud "wow"!
You will find yourself doing more "toe tapping" than ever and
singing along to your favorite tracks.  As the lacquer cures, the
sound also gradually matures, like a fine wine.  The lacquer
dries in about 4-5 days but it is still curing up until 10 weeks
and longer. We have noticed changes up to 10 weeks and
finer improvements over to 2-3 years after applied (this was
based off the original C37 we tested over 10 years ago). This
is one of the largest gain mods you can do for your system by
far, and by high end audio price standards, it is cheap!
Where NOT to apply:
~Conductive connections
~Warm/Hot running parts such as main power transformers.
~Bottom side of power supply PCB's