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We make it an effort to provide the best professional customer service.  
Here are our policies and warranty information.

"By placing an order with ASi Teknologies, the buyer signifies agreement to
these policies indicated on this webpage."

Shipping Policy

All stock customer components coming in for modifications will be tested upon receiving and unpacking
them prior to performing mods. If this initial test indicates damage, but there is none visible, ASi will contact
you and try to repair the unit if necessary. We do have limited technical repair skills and can troubleshoot
most problems. We are not a repair center and are not factory authorized to repair any of the units on the
market. In the event that there is obvious damage by the carrier, we will transfer the component to the carrier
for claims disposition at the customers request. It is the responsibility of the customer to file the insurance
claim with the carrier. Modified units shipped from ASi to the customer: the customer is responsible for
transfer of the package to the carrier and making the insurance claim. For a claim to be made, the item with
box and packing must immediately be given back to the carrier. ASi is not liable for lost or stolen packages
once they have been shipped out and a valid tracking number has been generated, as this is responsibility
of the carrier. The customer must file the claim to the carrier for lost or stolen packages, however it is not
guaranteed that your claims resolution will be successful. We have found out through time that it is very
tough to get a claims resolution through the major carriers. ASi Teknologies is not responsible for any and
all uninsured packages sent to us.

ASi will pack the component in the original manufacture or customer supplied packing that was received
with it. If we feel that this is insufficient for safe return, we will notify the customer, who will have the option,
at additional expense, of improved packing to help insure it arrives without damage. The customer is also
responsible for installing any retention mechanisms that the manufacturer specifies for the component for
safe shipment. ASi will install these in the same way that they were installed when the component was
received to help insure a damage-free return shipment. ASi will not be responsible for damage that occurs
due to negligence.

ASi cannot be responsible for any return courier mis-handling (ie: dropping a box off a truck, or Hi-Low
Forks running into the box, etc.). This includes (and not limited to any damaged) to any non-modification
parts, such as transport gears/lenses/motor, front display glass cracking, scratches, scuffing, marking, etc..
It is the responsibility of the customer to file the insurance claim with the carrier very quickly after receiving a
shipping damaged product. We mostly use Fedex Ground or Fedex Air since we have had the best of luck
with shipments arriving in the same condition that we had sent to the client. We recommend that you use
Fedex Air (3-day, 2day, or overnight) if possible to avoid the extra handling and trucks that your unit will have
to travel upon.

International Modification Shipping

ASi will work on units from any where in the world. We have the proper Voltage Conversion units to match
with our 120v system. All shipments to international country's (outside USA) will be prepaid for return
shipping. We recommend using USPS EMS Global services (with full insurance) for the best price and
quick delivery. We recommend Fedex International Shipping for the best trackable service and better
handling but for a increased price. We will supply a quote for the return shipping for all international order
before the modification order is replaced. All previous mentioned shipping policy's for damage and
handling as stated in the paragraphs above apply.

ASi Modifications Warranty

All Modifications are done on a custom basis per unit and all sales are final, no refunds and no returns
so please buy with confidence. By placing an order, the buyer signifies agreement to these policies.

Modification turnaround time is as stated on the website or through email for each specific product,
however could be extended due to unforeseen circumstances (ie: parts availability or parts defection, etc..).
*LIMITED LIFETIME* warranty for any defective/failed aftermarket parts installed (very rare this happens). If
you are experiencing a problem with one of your units that was modified by us, please send us an email
describing the problem, we will conduct telephone support immediately to see if it can be fixed over the
phone or if the problem user error. We will issue a call tag for the unit to be picked up for warranty repair (if
the problem is related to any of the work we did)  Any problems diagnosed that are non-modification related
(example, stock transport mechanism and/or associated circuitry fails), we try our best to help you remedy
the problem at your cost of any replacement parts and return shipping expenses. In any case where we
cannot fix a issue that is due to a stock part or circuit on a modified unit, we use well respected elite
electronics service centers (solely depending on the make and model of the modified unit) that will work on
modified electronics.  Not responsible for damage due to electrical surges, lightning damage, improper
voltage connections or other acts of god. Not responsible for customer negligence. Operation of this unit
must be conducted in the same manner as described in the owner’s manual of your unit or in the custom
user instructions supplied by ASi in certain applications. Modifications does void your manufacturer
warranty of the stock unit, unless it is a manufacturer approved for us to modify. Your warranty is void if an
unauthorized person or center does further work to your unit or tries to repair a part that is still under
warranty and is not given proper authorization to do so. We cannot be liable for any actions once someone
else has been inside the modified unit.

*Limited Lifetime Warranty information-
ASi will repair or replace any such modification products that fall under the "Limited Lifetime Warranty". This
includes non wear and tear parts, such as (but not limited too) diode rectifiers, voltage regulators, clocking
circuits, audio signal coupling transformers, operational amplifiers, wiring and connectors and much more.
This does not include replacing defective capacitors or such wear and tear parts after 2 years from the time
of installation. A small charge will be accessed on these style of repairs.

ASi Teknologies is responsible for any and all orders placed directly with ASi Teknologies. ASi
Teknologies cannot be responsible for any products or modification orders that are not directly placed
with "ASi Teknologies".

ASi New Modified Unit Warranty

ASi Teknologies is not a dealer or service center for any of the brands of new modified units we sell on our
website. We offer this service to offer a faster turnaround and save you extra time and shipping costs, as
you could send us a stock unit or have a unit drop shipped in, we remove this leg work for you with some
certain units for convenience. The Manufacturers warranty on the stock unit that is modified is voided once
modified. ASi warranties the work that we do to the unit that is modification related (modification parts). If the
unit fails due to non-modification reasons, (ie: transport optics die prematurely, firmware related issues,
defective DSP chip, etc..) then we will work with the customer to provide a means of a fix if possible. ASi
cannot be held liable for non-modification related issues. The customer is responsible for the repair of non-
modification related issues to the unit. If no repairs are possible or within reason with the unit that is non-
modifications related, ASi will work with the customer to move the parts/mods into another unit that the
customer or ASi will supply (at customers expense), for a reduced labor fee. Customer is responsible for all
freight fees.

Due to the parts and player ordering of new modified unit orders, any cancellations for new modified units
must be made within 24 hours from the time the order was placed.  We do not stock any new modified
units, these are essentially built from scratch on each new order since many orders can become custom or
vary when each is placed. We place orders to our distributors for the new unit and specific needed parts
after the first 24hours has passed.  We just offer this service so you don't have to buy a unit and ship it
around, so it is more convenient for you.  We reserve the right to not grant any type of cancellations after the
first 24 hours since order was placed, so please buy with confidence.

All new modified units orders sales are final and cannot be return or exchanged due to customer
purchasing error or "buyer remorse".. Please buy with confidence.  We fully warranty each unit for a
minimum of a year from time order was placed and most of the internal parts have a limited lifetime

Defective or DOA upon arrival units:
Sometimes shipping carriers drop units and issues develop to a unit that makes it not work 100%
functional (ie: CD tray wont open, player doesn't read discs correctly or digital player will skip from track to
track, etc...), or in some cases the player arrives DOA due to the shock and vibrations of the handling. We
ship all new units in the manufacturer supplied packaging material.  We fully warranty each and every new
modified unit order. After we ship units, it is out of our control how the shipping carrier handles the unit. We
cannot be liable for any shipping carrier mishandling. We cannot provide any refunds or exchanges for new
modified units that have been mishandled. We provide a full warranty service  to rectify the situation. For
domestic customers, we issue a call tag to pickup the unit at the address provided by the customer and
perform  full diagnostics and any repairs if needed and send back as soon as possible.  For International
customers, we have you send the unit back and we will reimburse you the carrier charges upon you
providing us the documentation of the shipping carrier costs.

ASi Teknologies is responsible for any and all orders placed directly with ASi Teknologies. ASi cannot
be responsible for any products or modification orders that are not directly placed with "ASi

ASi Used or Demo Modified Unit Warranty

All "Used" or "Demo" equipment that ASi sells is "SOLD AS-IS" "ALL SALES FINAL". No returns, No
exchanges. We warranty the mods done to the unit however, for the life of the unit. If there is a "non-
modification" issue (ie: transport laser, display goes out, glass cracking, IC chip failure, etc.) then it is the
customers responsibility to get this issue fixed, with advice given by ASi for the best possible person or
place to take care of that situation. ASi cannot be held liable for a non-modification related repair activity.

New stock equipment sales policy information
In addition to the modification services and custom products that ASi performs or creates, we also sell a
limited amount of stock new equipment, such as (but not limited too) cd/dvd/blu-ray disc players, preamps,
solid state amplifiers, loudspeakers, etc. ASi Teknologies does not stock any new oem equipment, we
purchase direct from the manufacturers we represent. Due to the nature of custom special ordering of new
products drop shipped from the factory, ASi has a no return policy on new equipment sales. "ALL SALES
FINAL on new stock oem equipment purchased through ASi Teknologies." We do not offer any trials or
money-back guarantees on manufacturers products that we represent. When you make a buying decision,
it is a final decision, not buy-to-try decision. Please purchase with complete confidence. ASi Teknologies is
cannot be liable for product liability issues since you are purchasing new stock equipment sight unseen
over the internet and there is no way to try out or test with your equipment before purchase as we do not
have a showroom and cannot provide any type of in-home trials. Please do your best to research the
equipment first before purchasing as we have no control over how the oem stock equipment will work with
your existing equipment. You have 24 hours from time of product purchase to cancel your order, after
24hours we cannot reverse your purchasing decision. Due to the cost, delicacy and custom special order
nature of the oem products we provide, we cannot and do not offer in-home trials. If the new product you
receive from either us or drop shipped from the manufacturer is damaged upon arrival, ASi Teknologies will
work with our customers to resolve any issues related to damage in shipping, however, it is the customers
responsibility to initiate a claim with the transportation service used for delivery. This includes all
international shipments. Your oem equipment warranty with the manufacturer is still valid for however long
it is stated in the manufacturers warranty policy and we will work with you and the manufacturer in case of a
repair or such that is needed for the product(s) you purchased. The customer is responsible for properly
repackaging and the cost for shipping/returning (including insurance - very important) to return the product
(s) to ASi or back to the manufacturer for standard warranty repair services. We will issue you a Return
Authorization number to return the goods for standard warranty repair services. Please insure the package
and make sure you check that a signature is required for delivery. There are times were we may be out of
town and there is no one to accept goods, please do not ship any goods to us without a return authorization
number provided by us to ensure we will be available for delivery. Goods that are sent to us for return (no
matter the situation) without a authentic return authorization number from us will not be accepted and will
be returned to you by the carrier you used.

Repairs and Repair Warranty Information
ASi also attempts repairs to stock and modified equipment. We try our best to help you fix your equipment.
Sometimes not all equipment can be fixed, such as obsolete parts, heat related stress (most common
problem we see) among other factors.  All repair costs are non-refundable, non-returnable, regardless if
the equipment can be fixed or not, regardless how long the repair process takes overall.  This is because of
time, materials,and attempts (repairs take alot of time!) for repair to find out other problems such as heat
stress and/or other combined issues that created the original overall pre-existing condition. We also use
3rd party vendors from time to time depending on the repair project, we have to pay them upfront for their
services. We suggest getting a replacement unit and move the modifications into it if the situation occurs
where your unit is deemed unrepairable or not worthwhile to fix. We will work with you and try to utilize your
original repair funds as a credit (up to 75% max of the main repair total) and submit additional quotation if
necessary for extra work or parts, this will save you money in the end.  All units that are fixed and deemed
working (repaired) have a warranty for 30 days after day of shipment or more depending on the situation,
submitted in email writing.

"By placing an order with ASi Teknologies, the buyer signifies agreement to
these policies indicated on this webpage"
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"High Performance A/V Modifications & Products"
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