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Wadia 170i full modification review-

I had the following upgrades done(please note I am not going to go into every detail of the upgrades. I will put the link to the site so that you can read for yourself):

1.Power Supply Replacement and Upgrade-which now allows me to plug my Shunyata Python into the Wadia.
2.Ultra low impedance capacitor replacements
3.DEXA UWB (Ultra Wide Bandwidth) Ultra Low Noise Voltage Regulators
4.Internal Wood Damping
5.High Quality Vampire RCA Connectors for Digital output
6.DEXA Neutron Star Flagship Clock Upgrade-with less than 2ps of jitter.
7.Bybee Slipstream Filter Upgrade

Now let me first say that the stock Wadia's sound quality was about 97% of what my Lector Transport produces. As everyone knows I think the Lector DAC and
Transport are the most analog sounding digital gear I have ever heard. In my opinion they are two of the best pieces on the market if your point of reference is
vinyl like mine.

Also note before I go on that I use an external Cd drive made by Yamaha to import my Cd's into iTunes. I do this because the internal drives record too much
noise from my computer. All music is recorded using iTunes with error correction on, in WAV format, with a sampling rate of 48,000kHz.

Lastly, I use the iPod touch which has a solid state drive which means there is no internal noise produced, unlike the standard iPod which uses a hard drive.

So how did the Wadia sound after I got it back and broke it in for 100 hours? I can't believe I am going to write this, but I actually preferred the sound of the Wadia
to the Lector transport. Now let me state that it was close. It took a lot of A/B/A comparisons with different music to even tell the difference. In the end it came down
to this: The Lector had a slight advantage at bringing low level detail to the forefront but the Wadia produced a smoother sound. Now by smoother I don't mean
that the highs were rolled off but that it lacked some of the digital harshness that the Lector produced(which by industry standards is extremely low by the way). At
the end of the day I enjoy listening to my Wadia now more than my Lector.

Now in fairness results may vary. I am running my Wadia into the Lector Digicode which has tube outputs, an amazing re-clocker, and accepts 48,000kHz
sampling. I don't know what the Wadia would sound like with a lesser DAC.

If you own a Wadia I strongly recommend contacting ASi Teknologies about upgrading your Wadia. For a little over $1,000 you can turn it into a high end
transport. Please note I am in no way affiliated with ASi and make no money promoting their upgrades. I am just a very satisfied customer.

Hello, the battery powered e-sound and the new nbs pyramid speaker is off the change, I am in heaven. Lamerol

First, let me say that the mods you have done on the Marantz SA-11S1 are awesome. Soundstage, inner detail, micro dynamics,
etc are much improved. I hear things that were not there before and I mean that in a positive way. Layered voices are now
individually distinguishable instead of being a homogenized voice. Great job, and I would whole heartedly recommend your
modifications to anyone who will listen. Thanks, Paul W. Brighton, Mi

Hello, it's been at least 500+ hours now on my Wadia and this baby ROCKS!!!!  I now have a weak spot in my system and it's
speakers!!! looking at the DT Mythos STS but we'll see what happens there..lol.. now back to the Wadia, you were right this
things just keeps sounding better , separation and depth and vocals are unbelievable, now you hear the pick hit the strings on a
guitar where before you couldn't and in the vocals really hear 2-3 different people singing in a chorus because they all stand out
now, when before you could not tell much difference in the same chorus, it's all the little things that people use to compressed
music forgot all about, including me!! however, I now know what I was missing, and thanks to the MOD GURU. I can really enjoy
my tunes again, without all that digital glare/harshness ever again... take care and I'll check back later,  Dave S. Iowa

Crown EQ

I had my Crown Eq2 upgraded by ASi. My friend bought his stock EQ2 for comparison. We listened to several cds for an hour,
we then put the stock unit in, WOW. What a difference, the stock unit sounded dead, slow, compressed and dirty. The music
was almost unlistenable compared to the modded unit. We put the modded unit back in. The sound was clean, the horns and
vocals effortlessly floated into my room. The bass was deep and tight. Soundstage, depth and highs were just unbelievable. I
also had my Rane EQ done with the same results. If you have an equalizer it is a must to modify it. You will be amazed at the
musical experience you are missing.

Larry H. Trenton, NJ

I received and have about 300 hours on your full monty $1295 no limits internal dac mod, $695 neutron star clock mod and the
$300 bybee filter mod done to my Wadia 170itransport. Exceptional service, they sent pictures of the modified unit and the
difference between the stock unit and the highly modified unit with dac mod is amazing.  They even gave me advice to further
improve my sound by optimizing the cd ripping on my mac. Anyone who has a wadia 170 needs to send it to really unleash what
this puppy is capable of, I sold my marantz SA-7, the wadia is much better to my ears.
Best, Robert O.

Applied a level 3 modification to my Esoteric X-05. Great communicator who always tells you what he is doing to your unit. I
highly recommend ASi Teknologies. does first-rate modifications at a very competitive price.
Audiogon user- Recordkeeping

I forget how extraordinary your mods are until you listen to a stock unit again. The two Esounds and the Marantz 8003 you
modded are superior not only to the stock units  but to the unmodded expensive units of other brands.  This should be
embarrassing to them. They should be using your units as a benchmark.  Adding the battery power supply mod brings your
players to the utopia of CD sound. This can be easily heard if you have the battery powered and non battery units in your
system which I was fortunate to have.

Larry H. Trenton, NJ

Prompt payment...great communication. An Audiogon Icon!
Positive by  Seller Mtnate777 (12) on 06-26-09  re: Digital

Received my modified Oppo 980 from yesterday. Good communication, excellent service, and fast turnaround. Would highly
recommend to anyone. ASI Tek performs as billed and is a great company to work with.
Positive by  Buyer Strateahed (78) on 12-20-08  re: Digital

The modifications made to the Wadia 170i took it to an incredible level of resolution and musicality. work was immaculate.
Positive by  Buyer Rata3 (201) on 12-19-08  re: Digital

thank you for convincing me to send in my Wadia unit for the $395 stage 1 mod... I had some hesitation in the beginning but
upon return I was graced with music that now flows out from the speakers in a very musical way. The bass quality has really
improved, alas the soundstage width-depth and overall definition is much more textured and resolute. I will send the unit back
without hesitation for the neutron star and possibly the dac output. I have great expectations.  Dave C.

Asi tek modified my wadia 170 with the modifications and the neutron star clock.
I am thrilled how my Apple lossless files sound now with my benchmark DAC 1. I tested various CDP's and CDT's to the mod
wadia/ipod classic combo and it has them all easily beat. I am one extremely satisfied customer.  
Scott A.

extremely professional,reliable,easy to work with,and great to talk with. I got his fully modded Oppo 983 and the work is top
notch. The performance of this player is incredible, even right out of the box. Awesome job! Thank You! Duane

I received my ASi Oppo DV983 and have run it in for about a week and all I can say is I am blown away with the sound & the
video is very film like. I own a non modified Esoteric DV50S and the modified oppo is clearly and significantly better across the
board for audio and video. Get one of these, you wont regret it! Regards,Tom

I have never seen standard definition video this good! On top of that, the ASi modified audio circuits in this Oppo DV-983H is
better than my Sony SCD-1 by a very wide margin. This was the best purchase I have ever made in my 30+ years as an
audiophile, and I can watch DVD's that look damn near HD quality!!!! Cheers! Robert

After doing alot of research and lurking for months on the AVS forum I decided on replacing my Denon 2900 with the Oppo
DV983H. The jump in video rendering was phenomenal! However the audio output was decent and on the lines of the 2900. I
wanted more. I researched different modification firms and decided to send my unit to ASi because of their reputation tauted by
other modified 983H owners. I sent my unit in for the "full monty" and the unit was returned in 8 days, I was impressed. Opening
the unit shows dedication and perfection of the modification, all the parts look like they were factory installed and the wiring was
professionally done. First connection I was floored. This modified player is nothing like the stock unit, there are no similarity's. I
received goosebumps immediately when nora jones came on in such a lifelike and flesh and bones type of way. The bass has
seriously picked up. The dynamics are startling. Movies are explosive.  Texture is amazing. This was the best investment I have
ever made in my home theatre and audio system ever! Thanks ASi for putting
the largest smile on my face since my divorce!!  Yours, Allan

Thanks ASi! This is my last DVD player ever. Your mods are incredible, I now hear all small details on my CD's that were not
there before and my movies look so great. Animated videos are HD like. I will be using you to make me a modified Blue Ray unit
when oppo makes one.   Thanks, Demarius

Your group buy turnaround around was great. I received my unit in perfect health from that long trip from michigan to northern
california in under two weeks. The sound and video is exceptional. No more thinking about purchasing another DVD unit, I am
done. Put me on your list for Oppo Blu-Ray player modifications. What you did to this 983H is amazing! I compared to my friends
stock unit and they are really night and day in difference. My friend will be contacting you soon to do the seven channel
modifications. Keep up the great work!  Talk to you soon, Charles

great buyer. polite and accommodating. look forward to future transactions.

Quick turnaround; very knowledgeable; The mods I ordered turned out to be much better than expected. Top company to do
business with.

Great service, CD player sounds awesome with mods. After getting full modification to CD player I plan to get my whole system
upgraded by Asi-Tek. A+++!!!

Excellent communicator, delivered on promise.I am enjoying the music. Highly recommended, will use and refer for future
upgrades.I am a very satisfied customer.Thanks!5 Stars!!! A+++++

A pleasure to deal with. No BS, fast pay. Nice and honest. Thanks!

Asi_tek is the best to deal with. No problems here, everything from order to delivery perfect! A++++++

Smooth transaction with great communication. A pleasure to deal with.

This man is a true asset to audiogon. Quick and easy payment for amplifier I sold, very knowledgable and sincere gentleman.
You cant go wrong!! 5 stars! Bravo!!!

extremely professional,reliable,easy to work with,and great to talk with. I got his fully modded Oppo 983 and the work is top
notch. The performance of this player is incredible,even right out of the box. Awesome job! Thank You!

ASI totally performed a truly fantastic sounding job on 1994 manufactured 7 disc Nak transport system. Sonics are extremely
close to my 2008 built Oracle 2500. Neat work with excellent module layout. I have already sent a third pc for rebuilt and
upgrade. Strongly suggest clock uprades and parts replacement rather than buying a new pc of equipment, Thank you

Quick to respond and even quicker to pay! Perfect buyer!!

I recommend
ASi to everyone who is thinking about modifying their gear. They work wonders with the equipment and does
everything with class and dignity. A+++++++++++++

modified a Behringer DCX 2496 unit and
their work is outstanding. Their work is helping me to fully realize the potential of my
Emerald Physics CS2 speakers. I will be having more work done by ASi in the future. My highest recommendation.

does great work...mod'd my Cambridge 840c - fantastic!!

Thanks your work resulted in an excellent Transport, which easily bettered far more expensive gear I had compared it to. Fast
and safe delivery to Switzerland

your Oppo DV-981HD mods have created a very smooth, musical machine - and that's

Thanks, your mods to my McIntosh C37 preamp took it to the 21st century... very open and detailed. The veil has lifted, highly

I'd say this has been a very positive experience. pulled out all the stops on service, provided a solid, turntable-challenging
modded CD player... which continues to improve in soundstage and "aire". Save your pennies, mods do make sense!

Sounds Fantastic! Modified Esoteric X-03 Sounds MUCH Better than Stock Unit. Quick and Outstanding Service, Latest High
Tech Mods, Great Communication, Excellent Work, A Real Pleasure to Deal with. Very Highly Recommended!

Superb modifications & great prices. Would do business with
them any time. A+++

I had a player modded by
ASi. They are the best modders out there and is the ONLY ones using the best parts available. Go
with these guys. You won't be disappointed.  

Modified clock installed.
They are fast, thorough, & knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Excellent work....thanx.

Full Tosh3960 mod-simply the most analogue-like I've heard.

WOW! The maxed out unit exceeded all expectations. Love it! Excellent value!

The Modded Toshiba is Awesome. Fast Shipping and Service

Agreed; the Toshiba mod'd is amazing for very cheap $; great folks to deal with!
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testimonials are only done on our customers behalf and we sincerely appreciate it!
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