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Premium Modification Descriptions

-Power Supply upgrades/rebuild
Replace stock diodes with ultra fast rectifiers, (removes grain and grit and improves speed), Replace stock
electrolytic capacitors and increase capacitor amounts with ultra fast, ultra low impedance Rubycon caps
(more speed, better bass, better control, better resolution). Replace critical +5vdc 7805 voltage regulator for
AKM DAC chip with ultra low noise Burson discrete super voltage regulator. Bypass +15/-15vdc supplies as
these are no longer needed with our modification rebuild, this give the unit more headroom and less heat
and internal noise generated.

DEXA Neutron Star Flagship Reference Clock and clock PSU Upgrade-
Replace stock clock oscillator that feeds the critical DSP circuits to the DEXA Neutron Star Flagship Clock
and power this from the DEXA Neutron Star PSU unit. This lowers the phase noise (jitter) to ultra low levels  
and allows the unit to perform to much higher standards within its digital circuits. More detail, better focus,
better bass, voices and instrument locations and overall resolution is the improvements in this critical mod
In addition, the DEXA clock hosts a high performance isolation transformer built on board, which removes
all ground loops and noise to provide the cleanest clock signal possible!

Analog Output Stage Rebuild w/Audio transformers & Part Replacements
This is the most critical of all the modifications that are performed in this machine. The stock output stage is
chalk full of signal capacitors, signal resistors, transistors, etc.. We completely remove this output stage
after the AKM 4396 DAC chip and rebuild it with a optimal sounding output stage consisting of ultra high
quality custom made signal coupling transformers.  The very high quality transformers used provide
galvanic isolation in the signal path (which blocks HF noise being generated by other component down the
signal chain) and gives a means of providing a ultra simple, no-capacitor-in-the-signal-path type output that
is sure to stun and please you to say the least. In this mod as well, we replace an abundance of voltage rail
capacitors for the DAC chip area to the ultra fast Rubycon capacitors, and all wiring is Silver Wire right to the
upgraded RCA outputs. The XLR outputs are also active but can be disconnected if not needed. Now Music
is so much quieter, cleaner, clearer, more vivid,more resolute with no lack of dynamics! Much more music,
emotion, and drive over stock.
Statement Modification $1595 Installed/Shipped
Send your unit in for mods 2 week turnaround
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Slim Devices Transporter Modification Descriptions
Slim Devices Logitech Transporter
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Introduction :

The Slim Devices Transporter is a high-end music streamer with versatility and extreme
sound quality. This is a perfect platform to rebuild from producing world class sound from
your music file collection. We have ingeniously engineered a statement modification
package that will allow you to experience the most from your music!