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Design (Bass Reflex): 2 way
One 1" silk dome tweeter
One 3.25" pulp paper cone mid/woofer
Frequency Response: 60 - 28,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Crossover Frequency: 3500 Hz
Recommended Power: 10 -300 watts RMS
Dimension (H x W x D): 9" x 5.5" x 7.25"
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs./pair
Speaker Connections: Bi-wire

Real Rosewood Veneer

Optional Crossover Modification specs
~Replace internal stock speaker wiring with
cryogenicly treated silver wire and covered
in natural unbleached cotton tubing.
~Upgraded signal coupling capacitors.
~Upgraded signal resistors.
~All wiring hard soldered with cardas solder
Minuet Supreme
Minuet Design Features
These little gems set a new level of performance for compact
sized monitors regardless of price. These beautiful small speakers
can handle high current solid state amplifiers effortlessly and will
put out room rocking sound levels. They can also sing sweet and
loud with lower power output single ended tube amps such as a 7
watt output 300B tube amp. Our custom built treated paper cone
mid/woofer and fabric dome tweeter are the state of the art magic,
making the Minuet so unique and outstanding. There are so many
ways to use them, you will need to try a pair and let your wild
imagination guide you.

"Silverline Audio. This was a show stopper for me. Using the
smaller speakers in the picture, he filled the room with superb
sound that was both accurate and almost holographic, and at
least went down to the low 40Hz range. Truly amazing for $600 a
pair. They sounded better than many of the mega-bucks setups
using only a 25 wpc. I actually went up to the speakers and
touched the cones to make sure they were producing the sound,
then went around to find if there was a hidden woofer. Think I'll
get a pair of these for my second system." - Bill Gaw - Enjoy The

"The pint-sized, two-way Silverline Minuet is the sleeper of the
bunch, in that it is at once one of the most revealing and most
spacious sounding mini-monitors I've ever heard, and at a price
almost anyone can manage....." - Chris Martens - The Absolute
Sound - April/May 2007

"a Mini Cooper with a Big Block Chevy engine?" - - Jan 2007
Silverline SR17 Supreme
All speakers are shipped directly from the Silverline Factory located in Concord, California.
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Design Feature
The SR17 Supreme supercedes the SR17 and SR17.5. The new SR17 Supreme betters its original
thanks to the re-design cabinet and revised crossover. A new version Esotar T330D tweeter on the
Supreme replaces the old Esotec tweeter on SR17 series. The new 17WLQ mid woofer on the
Supreme has a better power handling and higher resolution.

Design (Bass Reflex): 2 way
Drivers: (carefully made for Silverline by Dynaudio*)
One Dynaudio Esotar T330D 1.25" soft dome tweeter
One Dynaudio Esotec 17WLQ vented double magnet long throw 7" mid/woofer
Frequency Response: 32 - 35,000 Hz
Sensitivity (2.8V/1m): 90.5 dB/1W/1m
Max. Transient Output: 127 dB
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Crossover Frequency: 2,800 Hz
Recommended Power: 12 - 500 WRMS
Dimension (H x W x D): 14" x 8'5" x 15"
Shipping Weight: 90 lbs.(pair)
Speaker Connections: Bi-wire
Price: US$7500.-/pair   

Dark Rosewood
Stock Minuet Supreme $699
Modified Minuet Supreme $999
Pic of modified Minuet
showing upgraded internal
parts. We pickup the
factory warranty.
Pricing updated 7/2018
Minuet Supreme was listed on The 2011 Editors’ Choice Awards, and also a
detailed review on The Absolute Sound magazine (March 2011)
“......Even on a desktop, the Minuet Supremes do a superb disappear act.....
Minuet have a seductively natural presentation....”

Minuet was also listed on the Recommended Components “Editors’ top
picks for the industry’s best products” on the Stereophile magazine (April
“...the Minuet combined “natural highs” with superior resolution of midrange
detail” while never sounding bass-shy...a brilliantly designed lifestyle

The Minuet Supreme was rated as "Best Sound - Lowest Price" by Neil
Gader of The Absolute Sound magazine as seen on page 39 on their Feb.
2011 issue.

"... the most revealing and most spacious sounding mini-monitors I've ever
heard, and at a price almost anyone can manage.." by The Absolute Sound
(April/May 2007) / Chris Martens ... 2007 Editors' Choice Award by The
Absolute Sound