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-Power Supply upgrades/rebuild
Replace stock IEC connector and add Cryogenic treated connector for power inlet, replace all
connectors and blocks with point-to-point silver wire for High Voltage input to supply. Replace
all critical diode bridges with Ultra Fast Diode Rectifiers for removal of glare and grain.
Replace all key capacitors in circuit with and abundance of Rubycon Ultra Low Impedance
capacitors for substantial improvement in power supply filtering.

DEXA Clock Reference Clock Upgrade-
The OEM Pioneer master clock is a basic pierce oscillator which feeds directly into the ASIC
(DSP) chip . Phase noise and power supply injected noise here is high affecting all audio and
video formats with "jitter". The DEXA clock has an extremely low phase noise oscillator
(around 1.5 picoseconds Jitter RMS) and dramatically improves all areas of CD, SACD and
DVD playback. The ultra-low jitter and noise performance of the D-Clock immediately
releases impressive sound quality & shifts the players tonality to remove hardness &
harshness; the overall frequency range is more natural and unforced. Lower frequencies on
CD/SACD/DVD playback have greater impact, weight and control. Greater dimension is
added to music and movies, vocals and instruments having improved spatial qualities with a
more solid, palpable feel. The DEXA clock has a very unique function of isolating the clock
signal ground to the power supply ground, so there is
no ground loop, and also there is no
Mains Noise injection
for the cleanest clock signal possible.

The DEXA D-Clock now eliminates the need for a dedicated (and costly) external
dedicated power supply due to its inherent mains/ground isolation topologies.
Highly Recommended by all means for the best audio and video performance!

Internal Soundcoat Damping-
Apply Soundcoat damping material to specific areas to minimalize the amount of internal
vibrations and ringing.

Analog Output Stage Rebuild w/signal coupling transformers & Part Replacements
This is the most critical of all the modifications that are performed in this machine. The stock
output stage is chalk full of signal capacitors, resistors, transistors, etc.. We completely
disconnect this output stage and rebuild it with a optimal sounding output stage consisting of
very high quality audio signal coupling transformers. This is the largest improvement that can
be done in the entire unit. The very high quality transformers provide galvanic isolation in the
signal path (which blocks HF noise being generated by other component down the signal
chain) and gives a means of providing a ultra simple, no-capacitor-in-the-signal-path type
output that is sure to stun and please you to say the least. In this mod as well, we replace an
abundance of voltage rail capacitors for the DAC chip area to the ultra fast Rubycon
capacitors, and all wiring is Silver Wire. Add set of very high quality Vampire RCA jacks to
rear and wire in with silver wire. Now this player can outperform expensive flagship type units
on the market for a fraction of the cost! Now Music is so much quieter, cleaner, clearer, more
vivid,more resolute with no lack of dynamics! Much more music, emotion, and drive over stock.
Full Modification $995 Installed/Shipped
Send your player in for mods, 10 day turnaround
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(Left Pic): Power Supply Modifications
(Right Pic): DSP board mods and DEXA D-Clock installed
Full Analog stage rebuild!