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OPPO BDP-105 & BDP-105D
Ultra High Performance Audio
Modifications & New Modified Units
Master Modification Pricing List- 2017 Spring Mod Sale!

Modification Packages Pricing:
  • Premium Modification Rebuild Original Price $995 $850 ON SALE (includes Free Fedex ground/home delivery return shipping USA/Canada)
  • Statement Modification Rebuild Original Price $1795 $1500 ON SALE (includes Free Fedex ground/home delivery return shipping USA/Canada)

Optional Modification Upgrades Pricing:
  • Dexa Neutrino Clock upgrade for ESS Sabre DAC chip, Orginal Price $295 $250 ON SALE
  • Dexa Neutron Star Flagship Clock upgrade for ESS sabre DAC chip, Original Price $595 $500 ON SALE
  • Bybee Music Rails DC power supply Noise Filter Circuits $200/1qty, $350/2qty, $550/4qty, $675/5qty ON SALE
  • Bybee slipstream quantum purifier filters (3 used, 1 silver, 2 regular) $450
  • 7.1 Multichannel Statement Audio circuit High End audio transformers rebuild, Original Price $995, $850 ON SALE
  • NewclassD Ultra low noise power supply upgrade, Original Price $295,  $225 ON SALE
  • Mult Region, Multi-Zone region free mod $125
  • Headphone Output stage modification $100
  • USB DAC Audio circuit clocking upgrade to Dexa Neutrino, Original Price $295,  $250 ON SALE
  • DCT (Deep Cryogenic Treatment) done to all modification parts, wiring and circuit boards $250
  • ASi OTM (Off The Mains) Low Impedance External Battery Supply upgrade, Original Price $995, $800 ON SALE
  • Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX Premier (brand new version) (further modified/tweaked) $600 ON SALE

Shipping Costs-
  • Return ground shipping via Fedex is Free for all USA/Canada modifications and new modified units.
  • International Shipping outside of North America $140, unit is sent via USPS (along with customs/tracking information), 1 week delivery.
  • The cost to ship the separate ASi OTM battery supply is $160 outside North America. OTM is sent via USPS. A special 220 to 115v step down converter
    transformer is provided with the order for the OTM to operate on 220v.

  • Oppo BDP-105/D mods can be ordered through email or send us a instant email message on the form below. Please list the mods and options your
    interested in and then we can send you a final quote, invoice and trade contact and shipping information.
  • We accept Paypal or Visa/Mastercard/Amex at time of order. We can also send a customized paypal invoice to your email. We highly suggest for you to
    call us after you email to give us your credit card information and return shipping address over the phone.
  • Turnaround time is based off of how many mods/options are chosen. Usual turnaround time is 2-4 weeks.
  • We can supply you a brand new (black or silver, please specify) Oppo BDP-105D in case you do not already own one to be modified for $1325.
  • We need to know which 2ch audio outputs you desire to use (RCA or XLR?) as these circuits are separated by design.
  • ASi OTM Low  Impedance External Battery supply for the critical audio circuits comes in either Black or Gold color, please specify on ordering
  • You will receive email pictures of all modifications done and of all parts installed before we ship your modified player out so you see all the work is done that was agreed upon.

Contact: or Please fill out the form below to contact us (the page will refresh when you hit submit).
If you desire to achieve
considerably more performance
out of your previously modified
oppo, we can drastically improve
your unit.  Please send us a
email & we will work up a custom
quote. We have worked on and
can significantly improve all other
modified players on the market.
Please look down this page for
more information and mods..
Do you already own
a modified BDP-105/D?
Our modification rebuilds to the BDP-105/D focuses on the stock core areas on this great unit:

~Internal power supplies modification:
to considerably lower noise & improve speed, resolution, dynamics and add headroom  for ALL of the
players circuits. This brings a cumulative top to bottom performance increase for audio (lower noise floor) and sharper looking video playback. We highly
recommend the optional (patented) Bybee Music Rails on critical audio processing circuitry to reduce DC noise down considerably.  
Important Note: The reason
we do not offer a linear power supply upgrade is because we offer a low impedance battery supply upgrade option instead that is
MUCH better
sounding/performing, this is called the
ASi OTM (Off The Mains) low impedance battery power supply to get the best possible sounding BDP-105/D
performance in the world! With this battery supply used to power your critical DSP/DAC's/upgraded clocks/etc (instead of a competitors slow (not low enough in
impedance) and noisy linear power supply attempt), there is now no more interactions with the AC mains and their respective distortions from the AC to DC
rectification process but also from the current distortions on our AC grid (its worse than ever in 2016 because more cell phone/tablet/gadjet switching supply
chargers are plugged in than ever before, throwing tons of spread spectrum noise back onto the grid, which kills your audio/video performance!). More info

~Dexa Neutrino or Neutron Star Flagship clocking upgrade for Main DSP, ESS Sabre DAC and USB circuit: to lower digital
jitter (phase noise) (better bass qualities and depth, higher/finer resolution, explosive dynamics, more focus, video characteristics also improve for better picture
etc).  Video/HDMI audio signals also enhanced with our modifications from the power supply and Main DSP clocking improvements done to the unit.

~C37 Vibration Resonance Damping Lacquer Application: done to the transport tray, power and signal transformers, circuit trace, and many
mod parts to remove the internal ringing of the metal chassis which affects all electronics parts, lasers, motors, etc Tone down specific vibrations & changing the
internal resonant frequency brings profound sonic improvements (increased resolution & subliminal subtle details come through).
Voices have a large atmosphere around them with a very quick warm & smooth bloom.

~EMI/RFI Shielding: This is critical! The BDP-105 has multiple clocks inside of it and your other pieces of gear (cablebox, computer, router, etc) internal
clock resonators that spurn off spurious emissions. Local RF transmitting towers (AM or FM) depending on where you live can also interfere.Careful shielding of
the chassis/lid, power supplies, clocks and wiring is a must for best performance. No one else shields the oppo as much as we do (essentially creating a pseudo
faraday cage to block RFI from coming into the player), look at the pics down below and you will see how work we put into each unit we modify!
Ultra High Performance Modification Rebuild Packages for BDP-105/D-

We have organized our Oppo BDP-105/D mods in a Good (Basic), Better (Premium) or Best (Statement) package system to encompass all budgets in these
unstable economic times. Once you read over and figure out the mod package you like, you can select additional ala carte performance modifications to
significantly further enhance/improve the units performance. We set it up this way for budgetary reasons as some people only want to invest around $1000-
1500into the machine, some will invest $2500-3500 and others will invest over $5000 into it, it all depends on how you plan to use this spectacular machine
foryour specific purposes.  Most guys are keeping this machine for the long haul because they do not want to deal with future UHD players needing a internet
connection to play UHD discs (which has few titles available currently), so they are fine with the upconverted 1080P to 4K in the BDP-105D....

"Basic" Modification Package $495 (discontinued Jan 2016)
We have recently discontinued the $495 Basic Modification Package due to unpopularity as everyone has chosen the Premium or Statement mod package
instead and then some of the ala carte optional modification upgrades.

"Premium" Modification Rebuild Package WAS $995 NOW $850 ON SALE
  • Power supply upgrades (Low impedance ultra fast rectifiers, ultra fast ultra low impedance Rubycon ZLG series DSP/2ch capacitor upgrade, re-work AC
    inlet & other sections of switching supply, hard solder all power connections)
  • Master DSP clocking upgrade to Dexa Neutrino reference clock, further tweaked for lower jitter!
  • Extensive EMI/RFI shielding to entire unit
  • Transport mechanism tweaks
  • Grounding improvements done throughout unit
  • 2CH Analog output stage rebuild (either RCA or XLR sections) (High quality audio signal transformers, silver wiring, etc)
  • Free Fedex ground return shipping to USA or Canada. If international, outside of North America, the extra return shipping cost is $140.

"Statement" Modification Rebuild- Original Price $1795 NOW $1500 ON SALE
  • Elaborate Power supply upgrades (Super low impedance ultra super fast cryo treated ASi No Limits Diodes bridge (best sounding diode bridge in the
    world), super fast super low impedance Rubycon ZLG series DSP/2ch capacitor upgrades, re-work AC inlet and other sections of switching supply to
    speed it up and reduce distortions, hard solder all power connections, remove 115/230v switch (unless you need it for traveling)
  • Master DSP clocking upgrade to Dexa Neutron Star Flagship reference clock, (further tweaked) for lower jitter! Best performing clock on the market.
  • Extensive EMI/RFI shielding to entire unit chassis, lids, side panels,& wiring inside
  • Transport mechanism tweaks & the entire transport tray & other parts of the transport are coated with C37 vibration resonance lacquer
  • Grounding Improvements done throughout the unit, including the transport area
  • 2CH Analog output stage rebuild (RCA or XLR, your choice, please let us know on ordering)(Using the Highest quality audio signal transformers,
    DEXA Discrete Opamp 2015 Signature Modules, cryo treated 99.999% silver wiring/natural cotton tubing, etc)
  • C37 vibration lacquer (resonance) treatment to power supply transformer & diodes, caps, parts, clocking, circuit traces, chipsets, etc for best sound.
  • Free Fedex ground return shipping USA/Canada, if international, outside of North America, the extra return shipping cost is $140.
  • Now this player is ready for Bybee Music Rails/Quantum Filters...but most of all, the ASi OTM low impedance external battery supply for the absolute
    maximum sonic performance you can achieve from this player.
ASi offers the most optional modification performance upgrades for
Maximum Audio Performance Potential!

  • Dexa Neutrino Clock upgrade for ESS Sabre DAC chip. Was $295 ON SALE $250 This replaces the stock TCXO and
    drops jitter down into the Femtosecond territory for increased soundstaging, layering, imaging,bass definition/depth and overall fine high resolution. Highly

  • Dexa Neutron Star Flagship clock upgrade for ESS Sabre DAC chip. Was $595 ON SALE $500 This replaces
    the stock TCXO and drops jitter down into the Femtosecond territory for increased soundstaging, layering, imaging,bass definition/depth and overall fine
    high resolution. This clock performs about 40% better than the Neutrino because it has built in temperature compensation circuit (thermostat), additional
    voltage regulators and RFI shielding around the clock oscillator. This clock is further modified/tweaked over stock for better performance. Highly

  • Bybee Music Rails DC Power Supply Noise Filter Modules    $200 for 1 (DSP), $350 for 2 (DSP/Clocking circuits), $550 for 4
    (DSP/Clocking/analog output voltages) or $675 ON SALE if you do all  of them (5 total) including the USB input circuits. Bybee Music Rails are patented
    DC power conditioning noise filter circuits that are installed at the tail end of the modified DC power supply to the load of a circuit. Highly Recommend
    Upgrade, almost all orders get these because they make such a huge improvement by reducing noise up to 45db directly to voltage rails & circuit load!
    These are installed in-series at the end of the circuit load of the voltage rail feeding the respective circuits and are not a snake oil gimmick. The sonic
    improvements are transient performance (speed and accuracy), detail/resolution increase (considerably less noise), dynamics/bass response will be lower
    and tighter and stronger, and spatial resolution aspects dramatically improve as the sound stage is now larger, clearly extending farther outside the
    speakers than before, and becoming deeper – and more precise individual image locations within the stage.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Bybee Quantum Purifier Filters Triple Combo $450  There is 1 Silver Bybee filter used for DSP clocking circuit and 2 regular
    slipstream Bybee filters are used on the AC inlet of the main power supply to purify the power for the entire player. GREAT RESULTS!

  • 7.1ch 'Statement' Analog Output Stage Rebuild WAS $995 Now $895 ON SALE  This elaborate modification bypasses the
    entire BDP-105/D stock 7.1ch analog output stage with 8 total signal transformers! A must if you connect your Oppo MC.   Each channels dual differential
    output signals are transformer coupled, creating very short pure outputstage that brings exceptional resolution and dynamic content from your movie or
    music collection.  No AC mains power supply needed with transformers, hence, better sound. This is your best sounding upgrade solution for the 7.1 ch
    analog outputs.

  • NewClassD Ultra Low Noise Power Supply Upgrade WAS $295 Now $225 (115v/230v) High performance dedicated power
    supply unit for clock upgrade that comes standard in the Premium or Statement modifications.

  • Multi Region Multi Zone Region Free mod $125 Allows for latest firmware, keeping unit region free DVD 1-6, Blu-Ray A-C

  • Headphone Output Stage Modifications $100 Replace stock headphone wiring to silver wire/cotton tubing dielectric, upgrade passive
    signal resistors and caps.

  • USB audio circuit upgrade WAS $295 Now $250 Replace stock USB receiver clock with Dexa Neutrino for lower noise/jitter, larger
    soundscape with increased finer resolution and dynamics from the USB audio portion of the player. A must if you use this unit with a computer.  An optional
    Bybee Music Rail works great here by drastically lowering the jitter of the clock upgrade by lowering the power supply noise to the clock itself.

  • Deep Cryogenic Treatment to all electronic mod parts, circuit boards and wiring $250  This extremely cold
    process relieves stresses at solder points and makes all bonds closer together. The sonic improvements of our DCT upgrade includes increased speed,
    attack and decay,  more relaxed and more mature soundstage, increased emotional content, increased lower dynamic and upper frequency resolution
    details. This process will take 5-7 extra days extra to perform. ***ASi is the only Oppo BDP-105/D modifier in the world that offers DCT upgrade to
    the entire oppo unit circuit boards & modification parts***

  • ASi OTM (Off The Mains) Low Impedance External Battery Power Supply Upgrade- Was $995,  $800 ON SALE  
    This is the ultimate modification upgrade that you need if your looking for the best possible sound from our modified Oppo BDP-105/D.  This upgrade
    outperforms the "Linear Power Supply" upgrades that some other oppo modifiers offer because there is no AC mains and the distortions present.  This is
    total gamechanging & the largest mod upgrade (far surpasses AC power conditioning/correction as those methods still are dealing with AC mains and
    actually regenerate new noises). The critical audio processing circuitry such as the DAC and DSP (and upgraded clocking) is run off of this external low
    impedance battery supply for maximum audio performance.  The Power supply sections of the oppo to these audio/clock circuits is bypassed (however the
    other parts of the oppo power supplies are used for other purposes so don't be confused, this supply runs the critical audio processing and clocks (most
    important parts), not the entire player. A Multi-pin connector is installed on the rear of the oppo to accommodate the battery supply voltages via 30 inch
    shielded custom made umbilical cord.  To turn on the Oppo player, you simply connect and turn on the OTM supply first, then turn on Oppo and your
    good!   No worries or issues! The OTM has built-in autocharging, included is a external digital timer and power cord. The digital timer is preset to
    recharge the supply every night (or your time preference) so the supply is always topped off and will never run down or out.  No maintenance! Set and
    forget! The digital timer acts like a high voltage switch, so there is never any AC inside of the battery supply while you are listening for the quietest and
    best audio performance. The OTM enclosure is made from EMI/RFi reduction aluminum and lined inside with wood to create a subchassis for
    resonance control, the color choices are Black or Gold. The enclosure size is 12"W x 12"L x 5"H so this supply can mount below in a rack shelf or
    side by side to the unit if on a table.  The supply if used correctly should last easily 8-10+ years. We have built hundreds of custom OTM supplies starting
    since 2006 and are still running today into 2016 on the original batteries.  ***ASi is the only Oppo BDP-105/D modifier in the world that offers Low
    Impedance Battery Supply upgrade for maximum sonic performance (can be added to any other previously modified oppo unit)***

  • Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX Premier (2016 version, further modified/tweaked) WAS $650 $600 ON SALE
    This RFI/EMF noise eliminator circuit box is installed at the upgraded AC inlet input of the Oppo and mounted so it cannot move around in shipping.  The
    main idea behind the Pulse GenZX premier is to cancel out specific noises that are generated from linear/switching power supplies and nearby electronic
    circuitry by doing this passively/radiated in the air. The Pulse Gen ZX is not a AC line filter or such, it is only using the AC to power the circuits inside so
    please do not get confused that this is a AC product, it is a RFI product.  This box reallyworks and cleans up the sound and you can tell immediately by
    blacker backgrounds and increase resolution/dyanics. You can read the online reviews from users with the stock unit and their improvements. We found
    that modifying the internal Pulse Gen ZX circuits improved the performance by about 25%, this will give you clear advantage over our competitions
    attempt to provide the same modification upgrade.
~Analog Output Stage Modification-Rebuild: (VERY Critical area!) to reduce the amount of signal parts in the analog stage significantly to
radically improve audio signal integrity. The I/V conversion opamps (stock oem are national semiconductors), they are replaced with
Dexa Discrete opamps
(best sounding discrete opamp replacement). These are hard soldered into circuit with cryo treated silver wire and natural cotton tubing.
Two thirds of the
analog output stage is bypassed (meaning NO signal capacitors, signal relays, signal opamps, signal resistors)
& replaced with a pair of very high
performance audio signal coupling transformers
that are also shielded. This removes the need for the noisy analog output stage power supply rails and
these circuits can be turned off. Not only the signal pathway getting substantially shortened, noise from the power supply is removed due to the fact the audio
signal transformers are passive devices! (no power needed).
For XLR output, our transformer stage is 100% true balanced dual differential.
ASi Oppo BDP-105/D Modification Rebuild Pictures
This is a stock Oppo BDP-105D, (for reference purposes)
Look at the picture to the right for our modified version.
This is our fully modified BDP-105D with all mod options.
NoticeEMI/RFI shielding on the power transformer,power
supplycover,transport lid, etc. Notice all the other mods and
wiring done as well throughout the whole unit.
This is the 7.1 ch analog output board rebuilt with the $995
"Statement" 7.1 ch transformer output mod upgrade. We
areable to fit 8 audio signal transformers on this circuit board!
Modified 2ch analog circuit board. Rubycon ZL ultra fast
capacitors,Bybee Music Rails, Signature audio signal coupling
output transformers, silver wire/cottong tubing, shielding, C37
treatment to all parts. Also there is a connector mounted on the
back panel for the ASi OTM battery supply!
Dexa Neutron Star Flagship clock used in the Statement
Modification Rebuild
Here is a pic of the Switch Mode Power Switch modifications. Notice
Rubycon ZL capacitors, upgraded ultra fast diode bridge, hardsoldered
power wiring, EMI/RFI shielding on the wiring and transformer,
upgradedRubycon power supply reservoir capacitor,Bybee quantum
filters hardsoldered into power supply, IEC upgrade.
Statement modified Oppo BDP-105D on top of the ASi OTM Low
Impedance Battery Supply (12"W x 12"L x 5"H).  You can get this in
gold or black color (please specify on ordering).
Low impedance batteries properly implemented into audio circuits
make a sonic gamechanging improvement!
Here are the two color choices for the external ASi
OTMhigh performance battery supply upgrade (please
specify on ordering)
RFI shielding tape applied under chassis,
sidepanel walls, top chassis lid, internal
powersupply panel, power transformers,
wiring and other mod parts.
FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions" about our Oppo BDP-105/D
Modifications and Options
Question- How come ASi does not offer a Linear power supply upgrade like some other Oppo Modifiers?
The reason we do not offer a linear power supply modification in our modification packages is because we looked into this option many
yearsago and then instead of copycatting someone else with a linear supply and transformer design, we decided that we would blow
everyoneout of the water and design a FAR BETTER sounding route than using linear power supplies....  The
ASi OTM "Off The Mains"
External low noise battery power supply upgrade.
This low impedance battery supply runs the critical audio circuitry (DSP/DAC/upgraded
clocking/Etc) off of the AC mains for the best possible audio performance. No one else in the world offer this type of gamechanging sonic
performance upgrade for the Oppo units.  (custom connector is mounted on the rear of the unit to pass through super low noise DC voltages
to their respective circuits via a shielded umbilical DC cable, staying free and clear of any power supply or the AC mains..  With this battery
supply used to power your critical DSP/DAC's/upgraded clocks/etc (instead of a competitors slow (not low enough in impedance) and noisy
linear power supply attempt), there is now no more interactions with the AC mains and their respective distortions from the AC to DC
rectification process but also from the current distortions on our AC grid (its worse than ever in 2016 because more cell phone/tablet/gadjet
switching supply chargers are plugged in than ever before, throwing tons of spread spectrum noise back onto the grid, which kills your
audio/video performance!
) This is far superior sonically than any linear power supply, even the fastest and most exotic ones here that we
havebuilt using the most exotic and expensive parts (we specialize building the most exotic SMPS and Linear power supplies in the world for
the most custom highest end audio applications).  

Question- Could you please state factual reasons for oppo mod shoppers why ASi has the BEST audio modifications in the world
to the Oppo BDP-105/D?

We are 100% confident that our modification rebuilds w/optional performance upgrades are the best sounding audio modifications
available for the Oppo BDP-105/D (also applies for BDP-103/D).  We designed our modifications to achieve this. Here are the reasons why:

  • ASi offers full complete rebuild to the ENTIRE BDP-105/D machine (2ch rebuild, 7.1ch rebuild, USB DAC input mods, HDMi, headphone)
  • ASi offers the fastest, quickest, lowest impedance diode rectifier upgrade in the entire world used in our statement mod, called the ASi
    No Limits Diode Bridge.  Our custom handmade ultra low impedance rectifier bridge is fully Cryo/C37 Gold Standard treated &
    made with cryo treated 99.999% silver wire! Unbelievable speed and resolution! The competition installs Schottky barrier, IXYS,
    Hexfred, etc diodes which sound slow, grainy and etchy with reduced bass depth/speed and harsh/hard sounding highs.
  • ASi is the ONLY modifier in the world to offer Low Impedance Battery Power option (ASi OTM)  to power critical audio processing
    &upgraded clocking. This completely sets us apart from the entire pack.  There is no modified Switching or Linear supply that can
    compare to a low impedance battery supply, Why? Removal of AC mains and current distortions. Only available here at ASi!
  • ASi the only modifier completely EMI/RFI shielding the ENTIRE Oppo BDP-105/D chassis, parts and upgraded mod components.
  • ASi uses the LOWEST impedance capacitors for modification upgrades (Rubycon ZL/ZLG, sound much faster and have better high
    frequency response than the Panasonic/Nichicon the competition uses). All capacitors are cryo/thermal treated and tweaked.
  • ASi is the only modifier offering DCT (Deep Cryogenic Treatment) to all modification parts, wiring and circuit boards.
  • ASi is the only modifier to offer the Dexa Neutron Star Flagship clock upgrade for the Oppo BDP-105D, the best performing clock
    on the market. We tweak the clock further with proprietary tweak mods and extra shielding to further improves its performance. We
    replace the main DSP clock that controls the whole unit in the mod package, and you can select either the Neutrino or Neutron Star
    separately for the ESS DAC chip. We separated it out because some of our customers only use the unit for HDMi output purposes....
  • ASi offers the most amount of (patented) Bybee Music Rails DC Noise Filter Circuit upgrades for the BDP-105D. Infact, ASi has
    installed the MOST amount of Bybee Music Rails in the industry since they were released in 2011.
  • ASi offers the most exotic vibration resonance upgrade in the world called C37 lacquer, used throughout the Oppo player.
  • ASi is the only modifier to offer a specially tweaked Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX Premier (EMF/RFI passive noise eliminator). We
    can also provide a battery powered version (so no connection to AC mains) for the best possible sound (please inquire).
  • ASi is the only modifier who offers a Ultra High Performance Transformer Coupled Analog Output stage upgrade for the 2ch or
    7.1ch analog outputs (RCA or TRUE Dual Differential BALANCED XLR). This is superior to all other methods or approaches of
    analog output stages because this completely simplifies the analog output circuit, and removal of AC mains power supply elements (no
    analog output stage voltages needed for transformers as they are passive components) and they provide GALVANIC isolation from the
    rest of your systems audio components and AC mains. There is NO SIGNAL COUPLING CAPACITORS, NO SIGNAL RESISTORS, NO
    SIGNAL RELAYS, Etc used in our analog output stage modifications.  Capacitors, resistors and relays in the signal path SMEAR
    the imaging and the timing of the music, create a sonic bandwidth filter and add-in grit and grain. You cannot trust your music to go
    through these parts! If you use XLR balanced, our audio output is 100% True Dual Differential Balanced (lower noise floor
    than regular XLR output) again no one offers "True Balanced" XLR outputs in the audio modification industry except for ASi.
  • ASi is the only modifier who offers a retrofit ala carte modification upgrade service for owners of previous modified oppos
    who desire to get more sonic performance by installing our world class modifications found no where else in the industry into their
    machine. Instead of selling your modified oppo, send it to us and we will take it to any sonic level your budget can afford. No Limits!

Question- I live overseas and I own a Oppo BDP-105/D.   Do I have to be in the USA in order for me to get a modification done to
my BDP 105/D?

You can be anywhere in the world to get our modifications done to your BDP-105/D. In fact, a good amount of our customers are
international. You can either ship in a unit for mods or we can supply you a new modified oppo (with region free hardware option). Most
peopleprefer to have us supply a new modified unit because it saves time and money, however some have sent us units from overseas.
Remember, the Oppo BDP-105/D world wide voltage capable 100-240vac 50/60hz (switch selectable) and with the optional region free
hardware mod, this player can be used worldwide!

Question- What about the warranty? Does this unit lose its warranty after your work on it?

We pickup the warranty from the stock unit from oppo. We have great confidence in the build of these fine blu-ray players and if
there is ever any problems (which we do not foresee) you will deal directly with us to fix the issue, whether it is related to the modifications
ornot.  We cannot be liable for end-user unsuccessful firmware upgrade installations. Not responsible for damage due to electrical surges,
lightning damage, or other acts of god. Not responsible for customer negligence. Operation of this unit must be conducted in the same
manneras described in the owner’s manual of your unit or in the custom user instructions supplied by ASi in certain applications (ie: ASi OTM
battery supply).  Your warranty is void if an unauthorized person or center does further work to your unit or tries to repair a part that is still
under warranty and is not given proper authorization to do so. We cannot be liable for any actions once someone else has been inside the

Question- What is the performance differences between Premium and the Statement full mods?

Our Premium and Statement Full modification packages are full and complete modifications to the Oppo.  They address all areas of
the machine, from power supply, to clocking, to analog output stage rebuilds. The only difference between packages is the quality and
performance of the parts. Better clocks, better transformers and more in-depth mods and techniques performed.  The difference in
performance is around 40-50% improvement difference between the premium and statement mods.  No matter what your budget is, we can
supply you a FULLY modified machine with extra modification options. We want to supply a clean, complete, and professional job done to
youroppo blu-ray player!

Question- What is your typical turnaround once I send my unit in or if you provide me a new modified unit?

This really depends on which modification package and also any additional options you choose. Turnaround can vary from 2-5
weeks. The average turnaround is about 2-4 weeks.  The ASi OTM supply adds another week or so as its custom built per order. We
completely test the unit once the modifications are complete and we burn the unit in for 24 hours minimum to ensure everything is perfect
before shipment.

Question- Please explain in detail about the Region Free Hardware Mod?

The region free hardware mod is a circuit board that installs inside the oppo to allow region free DVD and Blu-Ray playback.  This
will allow you to continually update your firmware from Oppo with the latest updates and performance upgrades and still keep your unit
regionfree with no issues. Setup Instructions are sent with unit.
Your name:
Your email address
and/or phone number:
Please send us a
message (include
topic) and we will
respond as quickly as

Dexa Neutrino clock used in the Premium Modification Rebuild
TONS of EMI/RFI shielding done internally, and also in this picture on the right side is a
DexaNeutrino clock with a Bybee Music Rail for the USB audio input circuit optimization upgrade.
Lots of shielding!
(Oppo BDP-105/D
has many clocks
and circuits
scattered inside,
so this is a must
"Since 1995"
-Updated April 2017-
Reduced Mod Pricing
Spring MOD SALE!
Do you already own a Oppo BDP-105/D modified by someone else?
We can further modify/tweak the unit so you can get considerably better sound

We can send you a full list of modification upgrades that can be retrofitted, depending on who was in your machine.
We have worked on many different units from various other modifiers so we know and completely understand all
techniques, approaches, modifications and tweaks.

Retrofit Modification upgrade add-ons to your previously modified Oppo BDP-105/D would be:

  • Additional power supply mods, either done to SMPS or linear supply if unit has one.
  • Additional mods done to tube circuits and tube power supply (if unit is a tube modified model)
  • Dexa Neutrino or Neutron Star Flagship clock upgrades (3 possible locations inside the player (DSP, DAC,USB)
  • 2ch or 7.1ch Analog output stage modification based off our signature mod package transformer stage
  • Multiple Bybee Quantum Filters (regular and silver), for power supply, signal outputs, over 8 could be used
  • Multiple Bybee Music Rails (patented DC Noise Reduction Circuits), up to 5 can be used throughout!
  • Add-on of full unit EMI/RFI shielding that the other modifiers do not do
  • C37 Vibration resonance lacquer throughout the entire machine, mod parts and transport tray
  • ASi OTM low impedance battery supply  (Largest sonic gain) to run the entire players critical audio
    processing, clocking circuitry(if a tube modified unit, the ASi OTM runs the clocking and dac/dsp)
  • DCT (Deep Cryogenic Treatment) done to entire players modification parts, wiring and circuit boards.
  • Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX- If your unit has one of these, we offer a $100 modification upgrade.  
If you do not have one, we can add the Brand New Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX PREMIER (tweaked) for $600

Please send us a
email if you are interested in taking advantage of our retrofit modification upgrade services.
These mods will drastically improve your previously modified Oppo BDP-105/D's performance!
Here is a pic of a popular tube modified oppo BDP-105D that we took much further
sonically with a whole laundry list of modification add-ons, including the ASi OTM
lowimpedance battery supply to run the critical audio processing (as shown here on
the left hand side, attached with a shielded power umbilical cord back into oppo).

Important Note: The reason
we do not offer a linear power
supply upgrade like some of
the competition, is because
we offer the ASi OTM low
impedance battery upgrade
option that runs the critical
audio processing, DAC
chips, upgraded clocking, etc,
this is far better sounding
than any AC mains based
linear power supply! Thus
this distinctive advantage
over our competition means
we have the best sounding
oppo mods in the world!
Here is the internal picture of a popular tube modified Oppo BDP-105D that we completely
re-engineered and improved as the original mod was pretty weak and did not sound that
good (even with NOS tubes), and so you can see our retrofit modification rebuild services to
seriously boost this players performance.  Lets start by looking at the left hand side of the
pic, you will see all the EMI/RFI shielding applied in and around the power supply, on the high
voltage cabling for the tubes power supply, on power transformer and on the signal wiring.
The signal wiring in this machine for the tube circuitry was double stranded and sounded
terrible, so we replaced it with Cryo treated 99.999% Silver Wiring wrapped in cotton tubing,
and then wrapped in RFI shielding tape (takes a good amount of time!).  What an amazing
improvement!  Look to the rear of the Oppo and you will find our ASi OTM battery supply input
connection, in this unit, the battery supply was powering the DSP/DAC's and Neutron Star  
Flagship upgraded clock that was added. There was many Bybee Music Rails and Bybee
Quantum Filters installed, as you can see some scattered around the pictures.  Another big
improvement, we added high end audio signal coupling transformers to the output stage of
this tube modified player, and removed the muting stage that they leave intact (with the
signal going through terrible sounding stock resistors and parts).   We also modified the
external Tube power supply with better caps, parts, and hard soldering to improve its
performance. Then we topped off everything by cleaning all the tube pins and then applied a
special cryo treated silver contact enhancer to all the tube sockets and pins. (We do not ship
the tubes in the power supply, ALL tubes are shipped in separate cases and bubble wrapped
and packed in a different box to ensure safety.)
Lots of EMI/RFI shielding added!
Bybee Music Rails
Patented DC Noise Filter
Circuits used throughout
ASi OTM Low Impedance Battery Supply
High End Audio Signal Coupling
transformers on output of tube stage
Rubycon ZLG Ultra Low Impedance
Capacitors used
External Tube PSU modified/tweaked further
Mundorf AG High End Caps Upgrade
C37 Vibration Resonance lacquer
appliedto entire players circuits, including
tube circuit caps and resistors.
Dexa Neutron Star clockupgrade added
underneath these circuit boards for main
DSP Processor
Multiple Bybee Quantum
Filters used throughout
Why bother with the competitors
slow and noisy linear supplies
(along with AC mains distortions)
when you can go ultra low
impedance battery power
instead? Nothing sounds cleaner!
Worlds Best Sounding BDP-105/D Mods, Maximum Tweaks and Upgrades done for maximum performance!
Example of retrofitting our Statement Modifications into a previously modified Oppo BDP-105D tube unit
Bypass stock  output muting stage
previous modifier left intact with signal!
"Electronic Components"  (A.K.A. Your Music!)
The manufacturer has used minimal money on
performance inside your player, this is the
reason you need to modify and rebuild your
Oppo, so you can invest 100% into the sound,
bring out the emotion, resolution and dynamics.
This is the 7.1 ch analog output board rebuilt with the $895 "Statement"
7.1ch transformer output upgrade. We were able to fit 8 high end audio
signal transformers on this circuit board!
Why bother with the competitors
slow and noisy linear supplies
(along with AC mains distortions)
when you can go ultra low
impedance battery power
instead? Nothing sounds cleaner!
Passive RFI elimination (installed inside
player) cancels out spurious noises
creating by power supplies, clocking
circuitries and other signals such as Wi-Fi
and other local transmitters (smartphone!).
Lowers background noise, increases
clarity, 3D imaging effects.