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Here is the Metronome MusicCenter1 (MC1) MSRP$12,000 and the $9,995 C6+ tube dac
we had here recently. We can modify ALL metronome CD transport and DAC processor
models, including Kalista range. We can do simple budgetary upgrades like power
supply mods, capacitor upgrades, C37 Gold Standard exotic resonance lacquer, Audio
Magic Ultimate Black Out paint exotic RF shield paint, Audio Magic Ultimate fuses,
modified Bybee Music Rails, iQSE panels, Bybee Slipstream filters, clocking upgrades
on certain modesl and also full out rebuilds with our high end signature transformer
analog output stage and ASi OTM low impedance battery supply add-on to remove the
AC mains and the noises from the AC and DC power supplies for the best possible
sound, all of this is for the super critical audio processing circuits that makes your music.
Here is the MC1 server cd player and the C6+ tube dac with the
lids off, there is a TON of improvement that can be had with
much higher quality parts and circuits installed than what is
used stock. There is no shielding or resonance control
anywhere in the stock metronome designs so our mods will
completely transform any and all metronome models into super
high end world reference players or processors. Please contact
us below for any modification, repair or custom requests.
The MusicCenter1 (MC1) is a nice all in one
package server with external control via tablet
capability as shown in the pic.
We pickup what is left on all metronome warranties once we modify
your metronome component and you also get additional warranties
on the modification parts installed. We can work with the Metronome
factory in France to get spare parts or such if ever needed and do
any and all service work here in the USA. We will support your
Metronome equipment for life! We can also supply brand new
modified Metronome audio equipment, please inquire about a quote.

We Ship World Wide!
We can modify all current/past
Metronome models:
MusicCenter1 (MC1)
CD3 Signature
CD4 Signature
LePlayer/LePlayer 2
Any other model
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