ASi Teknologies
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Premium Modification Descriptions

-Power Supply upgrades/rebuild
Replace stock diodes with handmade ultra fast ASi versions, (removes grain and grit and
improves speed), Replace stock electrolytic capacitors with ultra fast, ultra low impedance
Rubycon and Panasonic capacitors (more speed, better bass, better control, better
resolution), replace internal wiring with silver wiring. Replace stock IEC with 3prong IEC that is
cryogenic treated. Replace stock voltage regulation for the NPC DAC chips with the Burson
Discrete Super Regulator for cleaner power and more resolution and bass properties.

Analog Output Stage Rebuild w/Audio transformers & Part Replacements
This is the most critical of all the modifications that are performed in this machine. The stock
output stage is chalk full of signal resistors, transistors, etc.. We completely remove this
output stage and rebuild it with a optimal sounding output stage consisting of Signal coupling
transformers. This is the largest improvement that can be done in the entire unit. The very
high quality transformers provide galvanic isolation in the signal path (which blocks HF noise
being generated by other component down the signal chain) and gives a means of providing
a ultra simple, no-capacitor-in-the-signal-path type output that is sure to stun and please you
to say the least. In this mod as well, we replace an abundance of voltage rail capacitors for
the DAC chip area to the ultra fast Rubycon/Panasonic capacitors, and all wiring is Silver
Wire. Now this player can outperform expensive flagship type units on the market for a
fraction of the cost! Now Music is so much quieter, cleaner, clearer, more vivid,more resolute
with no lack of dynamics! Much more music, emotion, and drive over stock.
Marantz SA-11S1 & S2 Modification Descriptions & Prices
Digital and Analog power supplies
upgraded with superior performing parts
for much better audio performance.
Analog output stage rebuild showing the high
performance audio signal coupling transformers,
silver wiring and parts replacements.
Burson Discrete Super Voltage Regulator powers both NPC DAC chips to
provide clean and stable power for them to work to their best potential.