Statement Modification Rebuild Package Descriptions

~Bypass front panel left & right channel balance controls
These input balance controls are redundant and bottleneck the sound through the preamp as the signal travels through
more connections and then goes through a cheap potentiometers, and then through more of the terrible sounding stock
internal wiring (with connections at certain points, not good for sound..) all of this is bypassed with cryo treated 99.999%
silver wire in natural unbleached cotton tubing further wrapped in shielding and soldered directly to the main volume control.
This makes a good 25% improvement in overall sound.

~Main Power Supply upgrades & complete rewiring!
Replace and rewire the main fusing with Audio Magic Ultimate Beeswax Super Fuse (best available fuse on the
market! These cost
$225 each!) for increased contact/surface area for better voltage throughput integrity. This statement
bypasses the fuse holders completely as the fuses are hard soldered inside the preamp (for the best sound
performance) as we do not want to listen with our main power going through connections, as this creates additional
impedance's and noise and it throws grain/grit into sound with reduced bass/treble qualities. The
fusing is C37 Gold
Standard lacquer treated
to tone down 50/60hz resonance vibrations on the internal fuse network even further. Replace
all key capacitors in circuit with
Rubycon Ultra Low Impedance capacitors for substantial improvement in power supply
filtering forboth power supply and signal circuit decoupling improvements! The power wiring that Cary used is too thin in
both of thepower supply section and preamp section so this is replaced with
cryo treated 12awg Audio Magic Silver
which is about 2 timeslarger than the OEM wiring and we noticed considerably better bass and dynamics, better
control and larger soundstage and greater resolution and crisper highs.

~V-CAP CuTF Signal Coupling Capacitors upgrade (Amazing Improvement!)
Replace ALL of the inexpensive stock OEM Cary SLP-05 signal coupling capacitors (which are the Multicap PPMFX,
multicaps bottom of the line cap, and they use Cary branded Clarity bypass caps that are again inexpensive) in the tube
circuits with the incredible
top of the line V-CAP CuTF capacitors for both the main signal capacitors and bypass capacitors.
These are V-Caps best sounding capacitors, having glowing reviews but are not cheap! The main signal V-CAP
CuTF signal capacitors used in this mod retails for over
$450 EACH! The bulk of the cost for this mod comes
from the price of these capacitors so please understand that when you see the pricing further down the web
However you get what you pay for, and these are the best possible sounding replacement capacitors that can
physically fit inside the chassis! We have tried 7 different high end capacitors in this preamp and the V-caps have the best
sound. We found the best sounding signal coupling capacitor arrangement  was using the
V-CAP CuTF capacitors with
C37 "Gold Standard" flagship vibration resonance lacquer coating done to each capacitor, and then the capacitors
wrapped in
RFI shielding tape and installed into the audio circuits. The results are staggering. The difference between the
stock inexpensive Multi-cap/Kimbercap (or Cary branded clarity cap as in newer stock SLP-05's) combos changed out to the
V-Caps is completely
"Night and Day, No Comparisons!" Now the sound has no boundaries, and it has such a
world reference sound quality to it you can't get in anything else out there! We have demoed many $20,000
+ stock higher end preamps and they sound closed down in comparison to our statement SLP-05.  

~Signal wiring replaced with Cryo 99.999% 24awg silver wiring & cotton tubing
Changing out the stock stranded internal wiring (with it oxidized connections) (which has no place to be used in a $8,995
preamp) to our custom made cryo treated 99.999% Silver 24awg wire dressed with natural unbleached cotton tubing
bringsmuch more resolution, realism, (considerably better highs and bass response) and overall musicality within adding
inany brightness because we use natural unbleached cotton tubing for dielectric instead of synthetic Teflon, PVC or plastics
as this gives us the best overall balance. There is no silver brightness as that is caused by the man-made synthetic
dielectrics such as teflon or plastics as the signal travels on the surface (skin) of the wire, thus any thing directly touching
this wiring will be directly influenced into the music/sound. The natural unbleached has the more organic and natural
soundto it over everything else we have tried. All silver wiring is HARD SOLDERED into the circuits.

~EMI/RFI Shielding to SLP-05 chassis and internal wiring/parts
In its stock form, the Cary SLP-05 has really no shielding whatsoever throughout the entire preamp design. This allows all
ambient HF/VHF/UHF+ signals such as wi-fi routers, cell phones, radio station transmitters as well as other noises that are
thrown off into the air from your other components as they have clocks/oscillators inside them. These noises degrade your
sonics in a whole. The solution to this is to apply RFI shield tape along the ENTIRE SLP-05 chassis, the bottom cover, the
side walls, the power supply transformer and associated wiring, silver wiring, v-cap capacitor upgrades, volume control
motor, umbilical connection cable, etc. This adds a great shielding effect from stray noises and improves the overall signal
to noise which improves audio.

~C37 "Gold Standard" Vibration Resonance Lacquer application
Exclusively available only from ASi, the C37 Gold Standard flagship vibration resonance lacquer is applied in multiple
coatings to all modification parts (capacitors, bybee music rails, etc), power supply parts, and transformers to reduce
internal resonances on these parts for very hearable  sonic improvements.  There is considerably more subliminal
information and atmosphere around voices and underlying tones (many new natural organic tones heard across the
frequency spectrum) that were not present before the lacquer application and it only keeps getting better week after week
as the lacquer hardens and cures. The curing and break-in is about 10 weeks for this incredible resonance lacquer.

~Bybee Music Rails DC power conditioning modules upgrade
Bybee Music Rails are patented DC power conditioning circuits that are installed at the tail end of the modified DC power
supply to the load of a circuit. These are designed to reduce noise on these voltage rails up to 45db. This is about a 4x
noise drop! The sonic improvements are transient performance (speed and accuracy), detail/resolution increase
(considerably less noise), dynamics/bass response will be lower and tighter and stronger, and spatial resolution aspects
dramatically improve as the sound stage is now larger, clearly extending farther outside the speakers than before, and
becoming deeper – and with more precise individual image locations within the stage.

~Tube Socket Cleaning & Silver Contact Enhancement
The tube socket pins and power supply umbilical cord pins are cleaned first and treated with silver contact enhancer to
improve signal/voltage transfer qualities onto the necessary mating connections.
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"Statement" Audio Modification Rebuild
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stock and modified circuits.
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The Cary SLP-05 is a MSRP $8,995 flagship tube preamplifier that uses 6SN7/5AR4 tube compliment, has been well reviewed and won a
number of audio awards in the industry. We wonder what those reviewers were listening too as we do not find this preamp to sound too
good in its stock form, especially using stock tubes.  We often receive emails from customers who own the stock SLP-05 preamp and
complain that "6SN7/5AR4 tube rolling to expensive NOS types" just doesn't do enough for sound improvement and it does not fix
underlying problems and issues with the overall sound and they feel their SLP-05 is the bottleneck of their system. The reason for this the
other surrounding signal parts in the tube circuits, such as the circuit signal coupling capacitors (which are inexpensive Multicap PPMFX
(multicaps bottom-of-the-line capacitor!) and Kimbercap bypass capacitors (or recently, Cary branded Clarity bypass capacitors) (these
have no place to belong in a MSRP $8995 preamp!), signal wiring (they are using multi-stranded wiring with plastic casing, multi-stranded
line level signal wiring is a big sonic no-no! Also a big sonic issue is the oem signal wiring is using a synthetic dielectric, (ie:such as
pvc,teflon or plastics), the sound of the dielectric will be immediately influenced into the music because the signal rides on the surface or
"skin" of the wiring, thus anything directly touching will have a influence on the sound (this is why we use natural unbleached cotton tubing
for most natural, pure and organic sounds, and most of all, proper tonal balance!).  The power supply section uses THIN power wiring all
around and lack of RFI shielding.  We found that replacing ALL of the power wiring to cryo treated 14awg (which is doublethe size of the
oem wiring), led to greater bass, dynamics, transients and overall spatial resolution improvement qualities.  We have modified over 40 of
these preamps since 2007 and have tried many different signal coupling capacitors replacements. We found the best sounding signal
coupling capacitor arrangement  was using the
V-CAP CuTF capacitors with C37 Gold Standard resonance lacquer coating done to
each capacitor (the capacitors are further "tweaked", the plastic coatings are  peeled,removing about 6-7 inches of plastic, this opens up
the sound more as all that plastic (synthetic material) is no longer heavily wrapped around the capacitors), and then after theC37 coatings
harden up (4-5 days after application), the capacitors are wrapped in
RFI shielding tape (treated with C37 Gold Standard) and then
installed into the audio signal coupling circuits (adhesived so they will not break loose in shipping!).  This gave us the cleanest, most
transparent sound with the largest soundscape and visceral definition and impact.

If you are reading this and own a Cary SLP-05, you own a great preamp, and its a perfect base to use for a world reference modification
rebuild to take it above any potential (much more expensive) replacement preamp you might have been considering.  If you are not using
your headphone section and the tubes are still there, please take them out as there is no need to use them and they add more noise/heat
to the whole preamp. This is your chance to get your preamp done and out of the way for life, knowing there is nothing else out there off
the shelf that will perform like it because no one makes anything exactly like this using these high end world reference style of parts
(remember manufacturers have to build to a price point, they cannot build products from the ground up using costly high end parts).
Bottomline, there is no real sound in the stock SLP-05 (NOS tubes help, but only so much), please look down below at all of the
comparative pictures and the pictures of the stock signal capacitors and wiring used and you will see the reasons why.... We look forward
totaking your SLP-05 to its highest sonic level! You will be telling your friends and family about how incredible your preamp and system
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Updated October 2018
Updated Mod Sale
These are the best
sounding capacitors that
can be physically installed
into the Cary SLP-05
Complete rebuild & rewire!
Shielded Silver wiring goes
straight to main volume
control, nice improvement!
The stock bottom cover is on
the left and the shielded
bottom is on the right so you
can see the differences
Full detailed pictures of our Cary SLP-05 Statement Rebuild
This picture is of a 100% stock Cary SLP-05 power supply section
(for reference comparative purposes). Please look to the picture to
the right to see the drastic modification improvements.
This is the Statement Modified Cary SLP-05 power supply section.  Notice that the
upgraded wiring is TWICE as large as the stock power wiring. Notice the shielding on
the transformer and wiring. There are various capacitor upgrades to low impedance
Rubycons. Fusing is completely reworked and hard soldered internally for best sonic
This picture is of a 100% Stock Cary SLP-05 Preamp Signal unit section, (for
reference comparative purpose), please look at the picture to the right for the
drastic modification rebuild. Talk about night and day!!  There is hardly any good
sound coming from the stock Cary SLP-05. Such a shame for being a $8,995 msrp
stock flagship preamp.
This picture speaks for itself. This is our Statement rebuild to the Cary SLP-05 Preamp
signal unit section. DRASTIC transformation over the stock SLP-05!  Check out the thick
power wiring, the point to point hard soldered silver wiring/cotton tubing, V-Cap CuTF
capacitors (tweaked with C37 GS lacquer and RFI shielding), Bybee Music Rails, Front
volume control bypass. This is the cleanest/clearest preamp we have ever heard (when
matched with top end NOS tubes). We also tweak the tube sockets withasilver/cryo
contact enhancer.
This is the shielded umbilical power connection cable that attaches to the
power supply and signal preamp section. The connector pins are treated
with a special silver/cryo contact enhancer.
The Red wire on the left is the thin STOCK Cary power wiring used in the power supply
section. The Orange wire on the right is the UPGRADED cryo wiring. The upgraded wiring
isTWICE the size of the OEM wiring. Major sonic gains here as this lowers the impedance
asthe wiring has to extend over to the signal unit.
Gold Standard
This is a picture of the input balance bypass mod. These input balance
controls on the right are redundant and bottleneck the sound through the
preamp as the signal travels through more connections and then goes
through a cheap potentiometer, and then through more of the terrible
sounding stock internal wiring (with connections, not good for sound..) all
ofthis is bypassed with cryo treated 99.999% silver wire in natural
unbleachedcotton tubing further wrapped in shielding and soldered
directlytothe mainvolume control.
Here is a picture of the SLP-05 bottom chassis panels, the panel on the left is a stock
panel and the panel on the right is the ASi shielded panel to add RFI rejection.
Otherparts of the chassis inside are also done
Here is a picture of the installation of the Bybee Music Rails in the
CarySLP-05, these patented DC conditioning circuits significantly
reducenoise on the voltage rails and makeup for a good portion of the
Here is a picture of the stock OEM Cary SLP-05 signal parts and wiring pulled out of a unit
forStatement Modification Rebuild. The signal  capacitors  are inexpensive Multicap PPMFX
(bottom of the line capacitor!) and Cary branded Clarity bypass caps, again inexpensive. The
multi-stranded signal wiring (big sonic no-no) (and all the connections... we hardsolder
everything in this statement mod). If you price all this out it is very inexpensive, this is why
thestock cary SLP-05 has no good sound, the stock parts compliment is hardly mediorce at
Here are the Bybee Music
Rails installed into the
SLP-05. These significantly
lower/reduce noise for
significant audio
performance gains.
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Statement Modification Rebuild Package for Cary SLP-05, Send unit in for rebuild
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includes Free Fedex return shipping for USA/Canada, 3 Week Turnaround
"Statement" Modification Rebuild Pricing & Paypal Purchasing
Cary SLP-05 Statement Mod, Send unit in for rebuild (budget version, using V-Cap OIMP
instead of CuTF as main signal capacitors to lessen price for budget minded audiophiles)
$2300 ON SALE (2018 SLP-05 mod update sale, Original price will be $2995) includes
Free Fedex return shipping for USA/Canada, 3 Week Turnaround
NOTE: We will contact you as soon as possible after ordering (usually within a few hours) via
email to trade contact/shipping information, confirm order and answer any questions.
If you do not have the budget for our Statement  Modification, we can do a lesser costing
statement modification that uses V-CAP OIMP oil capacitors for the main signal capacitors
instead of the CuTF. Huge price differential. However we are still using the CuTF for bypass
caps so it would be V-CAP OIMP for main capacitors and CuTF for bypassing capacitors. This will
still sound incredible but it will not have the overall speed, clarity, resolution, and sound stage
that you receive with the V-Cap CuTF capacitors being used throughout.
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credit card direct).  We have found that using USPS is giving us the best shipping rates and we have had no problems with
any damages using this courier for many years now but are open to using any courier of your choice.
Do not send your 6SN7 tubes with the unit-
We have a full stock of 6SN7 tubes at our facility to test your unit with. This will
save you the very realistic potential hazard of your tubes breaking in shipping.
We also take all major credit cards direct if you are not setup on paypal.
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