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Premium Modification Descriptions-

~Power Supply Modifications
Replace diode bridges with ultrafast rectifier diodes to remove grain/glare and increase
resolution and bass. Replace all capacitors in circuit with the Rubycon Ultra Low
impedance capacitors for far less noise, faster reacting circuits giving way with much
more headroom. We rewire some of the voltage rails to rework the power delivery to
critical circuits for lower noise and more current.

~DAC Board Upgrades
We replace about a large number of capacitors across the board with the incredible
Rubycon Ultra Low impedance series caps. This really brings more life/speed/emotion
into the music!
Replace stock operational amplifiers to the best sounding versions on the
market made by National Semiconductor! Talk about transparency through the roof!
Remove unneeded circuit parts to improve signal quality and integrity.

~Internal Vibration Resonance Damping-
Apply Soundcoat damping material to specific areas to minimalize the amount of internal
vibrations and ringing.

~DEXA Neutrino Reference Clock Upgrade
The OEM Benchmark clock is a basic pierce oscillator which feeds directly into the ASIC
(DSP) chip and DAC. Phase noise and power supply injected noise here is high affecting
all audio playback with "jitter". The DEXA Neutrino clock has an extremely low phase
noise oscillator and dramatically improves all areas of playback. The ultra-low jitter and
noise performance of the Neutrino immediately releases impressive sound quality &
shifts the players tonality to remove hardness & harshness; the overall frequency range
is more natural and unforced. Lower frequencies on playback have greater impact,
weight and control. Greater dimension is added to music and movies, vocals and
instruments having improved spatial qualities with a more solid, palpable feel. The DEXA
clock has a very unique function of isolating the clock signal ground to the power supply
ground, so there is
no ground loop, and also there is no Mains Noise injection for the
cleanest clock output signal possible.
Premium Modification WAS $795, Sale $675 Installed
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Benchmark DAC-1 & USB Models
Modification Descriptions & Prices
Additional Ultra High Performance Upgrades-
~Digital Input connector upgrade to WBT Nextgen
Copper (Add $40) or Silver (Add $80)
Replace stock BNC connector with WBT Nextgen copper or silver version for optimal
connection via RCA input. Removes eddy current issues and minimalizes unneeded
contact surface area for the best signal transfer characteristics.
The prices went up from WBT recently......
DEXA Neutron Star Flagship Clock Upgrade Add $400-
This flagship clock upgrade will replace the regular Neutrino in the premium
modification that feeds the internal DSP and DAC chips for the very least amount of
noise and jitter possible and the highest potential of performance that is possible within
todays technological limits. The improvement is about 40% over the already potent
Neutrino and allows you to hear deeper into the music with more clarity and finesse.  
Well worth the price for the best performance possible!
Complete Analog Output stage Rebuild- Add $500-

Completely disconnect the stock Benchmark DAC1 analog output stage (many
active parts) and replace entirely with passive very high quality Audio Signal
Coupling Transformers (also other parts upgrades included).

The stock Benchmark DAC1 output stage is mediocre in build and sound quality.
However, there are MANY ACTIVE parts in the signal path, such as cheap industry
standard op-amps and transistors. There are also many resistors in the signal path as
well. This is not the most optimal topology for signal coupling and HF filtering.

Our approach is simple and instantly effective:
Completely disconnect the entire active analog output stage, and replace it with a set of
very high quality Audio Signal Coupling transformers!  Now with the transformers we can
now effectively and inherently provide galvanic isolation from other components in your
system. The transformer stops High Frequency noises that occur from other
components in your system. The noise floor in your music drops to a complete dark and
black level. More detail comes out of the music. The soundstage appears much larger,
wider deeper with a bold lifelike stance.

If your looking for the best sonic performance from your DAC1, this modification is a
must for a complete transformation of your sound.  Only available here at ASi!

XLR outputs are 100% true balanced and is the preferred output connection.
The internal gain controls and calibration controls do not work anymore, they are part of
the stock circuitry that is bypassed and rebuilt upon.
Pic of Benchmark DAC1 with $675 Premium Modification package done.
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Pic of ASi Modified Benchmark DAC1 with $675 Mod package, Neutron
Star Flagship clock upgrade ($400 extra), and Complete Analog output
stage rebuild ($500 extra).
100% true balanced XLR outputs! A world class
performing DAC now!  Easily outperforms DAC's that cost well over $10K!!
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Bybee Music Rails DC Power Supply Noise Filter Modules    
$200 for 1 (DSP), $350 for 2 (DSP/Dexa Clocking upgrades), $550 for 4 (DSP/Dexa
Clocking/Analog Output Stage Voltages). Bybee Music Rails are
patented DC power
conditioning noise filter circuits that are installed at the tail end of the modified DC power
supply to the load of the critical audio processing circuits inside the Benchmark.
Recommend Upgrade
, these make such a huge improvement by reducing noise up to
45db directly to voltage rails & circuit load! These are installed in-series at the end of the
circuit load of the voltage rail feeding the respective circuits and they move the noise on
the power supply rails out of phase from the voltage  and drains it to ground, which
drastically drops the output noise, these music rails are a real
patented electronic noise
filter circuit and are not a snake oil gimmick. The sonic improvements are transient
performance (speed and accuracy), detail/resolution increase (considerably less noise),
dynamics/bass response will be lower and tighter and stronger, and spatial resolution
aspects dramatically improve as the sound stage is now larger, clearly extending farther
outside the speakers than before, and becoming deeper – and more precise individual
image locations within the stage.