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Introducing the ASi B-USB. A completely optimized signature level
battery powered USB/SPDIF DAC created for the discerning
audiophile seeking the ultimate listening experience. The B-USB is
designed to seriously enhance any two channel music system by
offering the listener the most emotional, natural, and effortless
musical presentation possible.

Hand-Built by the designer right here in the  United States of
America to the highest level of quality and workmanship.

Since ASi Teknologies is a high end audio modification & research
company, our B-USB product is built to the highest standards from
the ground up with no cost cutting or profit making mechanisms in
place so you'll enjoy maximum performance without paying many
thousands of dollars more.

~Digital Inputs- USB-B, RCA coaxial via Silver WBT Nextgen
~Analog Outputs- RCA Female Ultra High Quality Silver WBT
Nextgen or Neutrik Gold Plated XLR's (please specify).

Technical Specifications-
USB-B input (both 1.0 and 2.0 capable)
Coaxial input, 75ohms, RCA connection
2-analog RCA single ended outputs via Silver WBT Nextgen
(XLR 100% True Balance Outputs also available)
Output Impedance <200 ohms
Power Supply: SLA Battery Powered, Ultra Low Noise Regulated
Typical play time: 80+ hours
Dynamic Range: 120DB
Dimensions: 17" Width x 15" Depth x 5" Height
Break-in time- 200hrs minimum

Internal Parts Specifications-
Multiple ultra low impedance SLA batteries w/tuned capacitance
4amp battery charger
Ultra wide band, ultra low noise regulators
Highest performance ultra fine signal coupling transformers
NewClassD Neutron Star flagship clock
ASi custom spec'ed silver wire
Natural unbleached cotton tubing
WBT Nextgen AG RCA connectors (or Neutrik Gold XLR's)
Ultra low impedance Rubycon/Panasonic capacitors

Who needs B-USB?

Everyone! This product is designed to integrate into any 2ch
audio system. Example: Hook up your computer via USB, CD
Transport or iPod/Wadia 170i via RCA coaxial. Then you can feed
the output to your preamplifier or integrated. But most of all, you
will experience a new level performance you have never heard in
your system before!

Why choose B-USB?


~B-USB offers the best performance in and above its price range
In comparison to other high end DAC's in the market, we feel that
the extreme performance that can be had from B-USB is
something extremely special and costs a fraction of others that do
not perform even close.  This one of kind product is focused on
providing you the VERY BEST lifelike 3D emotional sound possible
to your ears. Each and every B-USB is hand built with the highest
level of quality. This means the level of attention, quality and
performance is at its highest!

~B-USB has ultra low internal impedance characteristics.
The special SLA battery power source used in B-USB is 8-10
times lower in impedance factors over conventional SLA batteries
or even more so over those dreaded switching power supplies
thus resulting in a considerable improvement in speed, dynamics
and resolution!

~B-USB has considerably long playing time.  
80+ hours of play time is expected.. or play while the battery
system is charging.

~B-USB has no external charging, everything is built inside.
No hassles with a charger connecting inline, just plug the stock
power cord from the power strip to the B-USB for charging the

~B-USB has ZERO capacitors in the signal path...
Its very simple, if you run the signal through a DC coupling
capacitor (even the highest quality version), your going to lose
performance. With no coupling capacitors in the signal path, we
can assure you the best level of detail and resolution possible.  

~B-USB has isolated battery power supplies...
Each critical processing circuit of this unit uses a dedicated
isolated special low impedance battery circuit. This ensures that
each independent process is performing to its highest level inside
this DAC for the maximum amount of possible performance.

~B-USB has ultra low noise voltage regulation....
Instead of using low quality, industry standard voltage regulators
to regulate the voltage for the critical digital circuitry (to save
money and add in profit), we use ultra wide band ultra low noise
regulators which offer an absolute lower level of noise
characteristic.  Lower noise means much better performance!

~B-USB has superior resonance control...
The best sounding resonance control for audio electronics is made
from natural wood. If resonance control is not correctly
addressed, additional ringing and vibrations are introduced to
decrease the performance, but this doesn't happen when you
make the entire enclosure from wood.

~B-USB has no opamps....
Opamps have their place in use. Sometimes they are needed for
I/V applications or gain/buffer applications, this is fine for specific
designs. However with B-USB, those scenarios don't exist so we
can bypass that design approach for the best possible

~B-USB has no tubes! Completely passive transformer based!  
The reasoning why we prefer ultra high quality signal coupling
transformer to tubed output section is we have found that the
analog output sections in and around the D to A stage of any
CD/DVD player or DAC is extremely sensitive to HF distortions
and mains pollution. Tube circuits are very prone to these
distortions. We have nothing against tubes but these circuits
require considerably more signal parts, such as resistors and
signal coupling capacitors, and they also require a socket. Tube
pins and sockets are prone to "oxidation" which limits connectivity
over time, slowly degrading the signal integrity.  Also, tubes throw
off heat that can change the performance of other critical local
circuits by introducing "thermal distortion". We understand
audiophiles love for tubes (and we feel they have their place for
use), however we have a much better sounding approach in this

Performance is unmatched!
Any questions about ASi B-USB?  Please Email us.
Optimized Battery Powered
Jan 2016
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3 weeks to build
per order for the
very best!

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Your search for the best sounding USB-SPDIF DAC on the
market is now over! Built from the ground up with no
compromises. Nothing like this exists in the marketplace!
Custom handcrafted and proudly made in the USA!
Pic of prototype unit chassis using spalted silver maple wood....beautiful!
Top cover is off is in this pic... Any type of wood finish is available.