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ASi DS1 at AKFEST 2008. Absolute stunning sound for $3995!
This is the first audio show that we had so many people saying
that the system was sounding unbelievable! Everyone thought
we had a sub in the room. We had people coming back in
multiple times with more music and just sitting back and enjoying
the tunes. The sound was so musical, so open and live
sounding with pretty stunning dynamics from those speakers.
You listen to your music, and not the gear with this potent

Are you tired of buying, selling, and searching for new equipment
that sounds better than what you have now?  Are you sick of
losing money on deal after deal because the components and
cables do not have the synergy you are looking for?  Do you want
to start spending your time listening and spending your hard
earned money on music instead of onequipment?  Looking for an
optimized and stellar sounding 2ch system?

Here is your answer:
ASi Digital System 1

ASi Digital System 1 is a well thought out 2ch system that allows
you to playback any format audio disc, as well as allow you to
connect other sources (ie: computer audio devices, other analog
sources, etc..). You can even hook up a external antenna and
enjoy AM/FM listening, or better yet hook up a HD radio tuner to
the receivers digital input, keep it all digital!!

The key to DS1 is simplicity. The only interconnect between
components is a high performance high bandwidth HDMI cable.
Here's how the signal chain works: The signal travels from your
disc, through the modified oppos DSP section, digitally straight out
via ultra high bandwidth HDMI, into the Panasonics digital receiver
processing chip, processed and keeping it digital right to the Texas
Instruments digital amplifier chips and bi-amped right to the
modified Silverline Preludes. Why did we pick the Silverline Audio
Prelude (ver2) speakers? Because they are voiced to make music
sound like music. They are really natural and very surprising in the
dynamics department. We tweak out the internal crossovers with
superior sounding parts and voila! A killer smaller floorstander that
can image out of this world! The signal is not running through a
conventional DAC chip anywhere. This is optimal to get the sound
so pure, so live.  DS1 is a system that took countless hours of
research and development and many hours of testing and tuning to
make happen and now we can bring it to you!

DS1 system includes the following:

~ASi modified Oppo DV-980H Universal Audio player
~ASi modified Panasonic XR57 100% Digital Receiver
(will accept other Digital & Analog inputs as well)
~ASi modified Silverline Audio Prelude speakers, (Finishes are
Cherry or Rosewood, please specify when ordering)
~ASi custom made silver speaker cables (biamp sets, 7ft)
~ASi Silver Power cords for Oppo and XR57 (5ft each)
~DH Labs “Next Generation” HDMI cable (1 meter)
~All menus are setup and tweaked and ready to go, instructions
included. You just connect and enjoy your music, forget about the

100% Pure Digital System, Fully Modified, Fully Engineered.

You supply the audio rack and the room.  We supply the system.

This system is designed for small to medium sized rooms.

Your focus is now on the music, NOT the equipment.


We know DS1 is not for everyone. Some people have larger
size rooms that are too big for the Silverline Preludes
(however soon to be released DS2 will be for you, much
larger and powerfull speakers to fill the space). Other
people might buy this system for use as a second system in
a spare room. Here is your problem, you very well might be
coming back and telling us that DS1 (at $3995!!) is doing
something better than your current main system that
probably set you back alot of dough! You will be the
candidate for the near future DS2 and DS3 systems!!  Get
off the train of losing money left and right with buying and
selling and get back into your music!
ASi Digital System 1
An entire turnkey system for $3995 shipped!
100% Digital, 100% Modified, Universal audio
ASi DS1 was a BIG HIT at AKFEST 2008!!!
Modified Oppo DV-980H feeding
into Panasonic XR-57 Digital
Receiver. Pure, Natural, Live Sound!
Modified Silverline Audio Prelude (ver 2) speakers.
The best for the money. Versions shown are cherry
finish, also come in rosewood finish as well. The
speaker cables and power cords you see here are
part of DS1 system. All ASi custom made and spec'ed
Any questions about this system?  Please Email us.
ASi Digital System 1 "100% Digital Turnkey System"
mentioned in July 2008 issue of  Affordable$$Audio
Any questions about this system?  Please Email us.
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