ASi Teknologies and Fritz Speakers in Room 533 of AKFEST
2009. Our products matched up and sounded so great together!
The Fritz Speaker and ASi Teknologies setup! We had many different models of
fantastic sounding speakers available at our disposal.

Why did we choose to pair up with Fritz speakers? Very obvious! His speakers
sound freaking incredible. He makes his speakers with the same drivers as what
is used in expensive Wilson, Proac, Merlin, Sonus Faber, Vienna Acoustics,
etc... So you can get equal or better performance than those "expensive brand
names" with only having to pay a 1/4 or so of the price. His crossovers are made
of handmade built, point to point soldered very high quality parts.

I can say that this is the most impressed I have been over speakers in years.
Forget the distribution, dealers, huge markups and sleeping with the
magazines/reviewer to get a great review to push sales. Fritz speakers are the
real deal, sold factory direct, direct from the builder, to assure the best customer
service and most importantly, the sound!

Fritz  Speakers and ASi modified products are an incredible sounding match.
The source used was a Ipod touch 2nd generation model. This was playing back
"optimally" ripped lossless WAV files. This alone is better than any CD player I
could have thought about bringing. The Wadia 170i was modified with the $395
mod package, $695 Flagship Neutron Star clocking upgrade and was powered by
the ASi OTM " Off The Mains" battery power supply.  This was the most resolving
source at the show many show goers had told us.

Bottom Line on the ASi modified Wadia 170i-
No spinning discs, no moving parts, 100% battery powered, running directly into
our 100% digital system!
One Word- Stunning!
To playback show goer CD's, we brought a stock Oppo DV970 that was feeding
into the Panasonic XR-55 "Heaven"ly modified AV receiver. This was to give the
person an idea what this system sounds like with their own music. However, the
cd player seriously degraded the performance. When we went back to the
Wadia/Ipod setup, it was a complete stunning huge jump across the whole
spectrum. This receiver is 100% digital, no DAC chips or audio break-outs to
analog anywhere inside. This receiver also had the flagship Neutron Star clock
upgrade that was being powered off the ASi OTM batery supply. This receiver
costs $100 used, however can be made to outperform $10,000 mono block
amplifiers, it is just that good. C'mon people! Get off the audiophile
bandwagons and open up your ears!!
ASi Teknologies
"High Performance A/V Modifications
& Products!"
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Positive Feedbacks event coverage of us!
What a beautiful and relaxing venue! We prefer this incredible show over
all others, its very laid back and the people are just wonderful!
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