ASi Teknologies
"Ultra High Performance Hi-Fi Modifications & Products"
ASi Teknologies was debuting new
products in Room 424 of AKFEST 2008.
Here is a pic of ASi Digital System 1. Many people said this
system took the best sound of show for digital gear system.
The sound was staggering and many people thought there was
a subwoofer in the room. This entire 100% turnkey, fully
modified, 100% Digital system costs $3995 shipped!!!!!!
Here is a shot of the ASi modified Oppo DV980H and the Panasonic
XR-57 receiver which make up the digital section of ASi DS1.
All cables are ASi custom made silver wire/cotton tubing cables. The
HDMI cable which is DH Labs next generation cable.
The speaker used were ASi Modified Silverline Prelude
speakers.  Talk about a complete disappearing act! People
could not believe the openness, imaging and bass from
these fine modified floorstanders!

The power was taken care by the ASi Digital Power Station 1
(DPS-1) prototype in the background of the right pic. This
allowed us to have the cleanest power at the show which
gave us complete consistent performance all weekend long.
We were also showing off the new ASi Fully Modified
Oppo DV-983H player. This player was also in the Fritz
speakers/Madisound room and it got incredible
compliments. This is an incredible performing unit!
Over 300 copies of documentation was passed out at the show.
What a great show and great venue!
Also, Click on the image below to see
Enjoy the Music's event coverage of us!
We were showing off the ASi Modified Cambridge 840c CD
player. This player was used in the Prime One Media room
and they loved it!  When connected to ASi DS1 system, it
converts the analog output straight to digital for incredible