What does "ASi" mean?

ASi stands for (Audiophile Sound innovations). The theory of radically improving audio
systems with the worlds highest quality exotic parts, innovative out-of-the-box concepts
and complete optimal circuit redesigns. This extreme concept has been evolving
radically now since 1995, over 23 years!

We are pushing forward more than ever here in 2018, we have up to 7 staff depending
on workload/time of the year. We have the extended experience, knowledge and
updated/revamped modification parts over all other competitors in the entire world.
Industrial staging shelves
hold all equipment that is
sent in for repair or
Here is a box of 500 Rubycon ZL capacitors.
We have over 80,000+ Rubycon ZL/ZLG Series
capacitors in stock!
Commercial Grade 0-150 VAC Variac is used to
ensure proper voltage and to make sure
modified equipment properly works. We have
220-240VAC conversion to allow us to test and
work on units from anywhere in the world!
Commerical Grade soldering equipment
and exotic 11% silver solders are used to
ensure highest quality soldering possible.
Oscilloscopes to check circuits
and repairs when necessary
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Old pic of our room at AKFEST 2008, World premier of the ASi
Digital System 1 (100% digital modified system). Fully modified
Oppo DV-980H feeding DSD via DH Labs Silver HDMI into
Panasonic SA-XR57 100% digital AV receiver fully modified,
including modified Silverline Audio Prelude speakers and ASi
Silver speaker wiring. ASi DPS (Digital Power Station) prototype
in background was powering the whole system, No AC MAINS!

This was the first time a HDMI cable was ever used at a
Hi-Fi audio show to transmit audio
, the next people who did it
was PS Audio with their perfectwave transport/dac system.
Our room at AKFEST 2009, (Lots of different speakers to use).We were
showing fully modified Wadia 170i with ASi OTM battery supply (100%
battery powered) and a partially battery powered Panasonic XR-55 AV
Our room at AKFEST 2010, showing fully modified Oppo
BDP-83SE with ASi OTM Low Impedance battery supply running
majority of the Oppo BDP-83SE on tuned low impedance
batteries instead of the dirty AC mains for best sound.
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ASi has been providing high end electronic component modifications,
high end audio/visual consulting design services and modified
products to the residential & commercial audio/video industry since
1995 (23 years). Our main office is located in Sterling Heights,
Michigan 48310 USA.  We are proud to serve our friends/clients, from
car audio to recording studios to high end audiophile system purist
enthusiasts, we offer the worlds finest electronics modifications and
products for the most finest quality playback performances possible.
You have found the holy grail! ASi is truly
Various pictures of our modifications, crossover mods,
and custom services found no where else in the world!
This is our fully modified Oppo BDP-105D with all
mod options. NoticeEMI/RFI shielding on the power
transformer,power supplycover,transport lid, etc.
Notice all the other mods and wiring done as well
throughout the whole unit.
We can make you a custom fully modified, battery powered No Limits Behringer made in a
custom shielded enclosure. The ASi OTM battery supply also lives inside along with the
charging networks.
ASi is the only company to take the Behringer DCX2496 to these extreme limits of audio
reproduction. This custom battery powered processor outperforms ANYTHING else out there!
Wadia 170i custom modified along with
ASi OTM battery supply. This wadia is
100% battery powered! Best sound
100% battery powered fully modified Marantz SA-11S1 This is a
full monty mod design using (2) ASi OTM's to properly battery
power the ENTIRE modified marantz unit! This is an example of
one of the best sounding SACD/CD players in the world! This
player need no AC and sounds out of this world!
ASi OTM (Off The Mains) Low Impedance Battery supply,
can be retrofitted into most digital front end gear to
remove the AC mains (noises), this is better than any
switching/ linear power supply upgrades. Chassis also
available in Black.

~Power cord for internal charging
~Digital timer for automatic nightly recharging
~30"  DC Umbilical Power cable w/Neutrik connectors
~Optional 220v to 115v converter for world wide usage
Rear shot of ASi OTM showing the
Multi-Pin Battery connector, Heavy
Duty ON/OFF switch and IEC for
internal AC battery chargers.
The ASi OTM low impedance battery
supply is available in Black or Gold
EMI/RFI reduction aluminum chassis.
This is our Statement rebuild to the Cary SLP-05 Preamp.
DRASTIC transformation over the stock SLP-05!  Check out the
thick power wiring, the point to point hard soldered silver
wiring/cotton tubing,V-Cap CuTF capacitors (tweaked with C37
GS lacquer and RFIshielding), Bybee Music Rails, Front volume
control bypass. Cleanest/clearest preamp we have ever heard.
Dexa Neutron Star 2 Flagship clock used in the
Statement Modification Rebuild for Oppo
BDP-103/D and 105/D
Custom made high end crossover upgrades for the
Emerald Physics CS-3 open baffle speaker system.
These were made using Mundorf Mcoil flat inductors,
V-CAP capacitors, DuelandCAST resistors Eichmann
cablepods, and hardwired 99.999% silver wiring (cryo
treated) w/natural unbleached cottontubing for the
customer to solder at the speaker drivers
Custom made high end crossovers with black
wooden boxes for another set of Emerald Physics
CS-3 speaker system. Munforf Mcoils, Vcaps,
Dueland CAST resistors and captive cryo treated
silver speaker wiring coming in and out of
crossover boxes
Magnepan 1.7R crossover upgrade using
VCAP OIMP and CuTF capacitors. The
inductors are Mundorf Mcoils and cryo
treated silver wiring going back to
through the panel to the terminals. There
was also Hi-Fi tuning Supremefuses used
on the tweeter section. This all made one
hell of an improvement!!!!!
This is a picture of our fully modified Wadia 170i
w/ASi NoLimits DAC stage and high end audio signal
coupling transformers. You can also see the Dexa
Neutron Star flagship clock, Dexa UWB low noise
voltage regulators and multiple Bybee Music rails
and quantum filters used.
This custom modified fully modified Marantz SA-11S1 that
is 100% battery powered! It uses two separate external low
impedance ASi OTM battery supplies, here you can see
the battery input voltages spreading out throughout the
player going into the Bybee Music Rails. Notice all  power
wiring in this mod is completely shielded.
Here is our Statement Modification done to the
flagship Wadia S7i CD player.  Please see the EMI/RFI
shielding tape on the power wiring, top of CD
transport, side walls of chassis and various other
places. There is various Bybee Music Rails installed,
analog output rebuild w/high end audiosignal
coupling transformers. Dexa Neutrino clock installed.
Many capacitors were upgraded with Rubycon ZL
ultra low impedance capacitors.
This is our Statement Modification done to the Esoteric
UX-1 Limited. The whole power supply was modified, ASi
OTM low impedance battery supply, 4 Bybee Music Rails
added, Dexa Neutron Star 2 clock, Dexa discrete ultra low
noise regulators, analog output stage rebuild with
Discrete opamps and high end audio signal coupling
transformers sending the signals 100% true dual
differential balanced XLR! Incredible sounding player.
We do on-site upgrades and modifications. Here
is a fully rebuilt
Emerald Physics CS3 system.
Upgraded Beyma replacement speaker drivers,
handmade high end external CS3 crossover (in
custom EMI/RFI reduction chassis), Statement
modified Behringer DCX2496 , custom silver
wiring.   These speakers sound better than
$100K speakers we have heard,
this system sounds truly World Class Reference!
Here is a huge crossover rebuild
for a set of Snell Tower speakers.
There were Clarity Caps, Mundorf
M-Resist resistors and a HUGE
Munford M-coil inductor upgrade
for the bass drivers.
Pictures of some audio shows we did awhile back:
This is our fully modified Oppo UDP-205 player including 7.1
rebuild. There is no other modifier in the world who does such
mindblowingly precise applications of so much exotic EMI/RFI
shielding, resonance control and circuit rebuilds with many
upgrade options like we do here. If your looking for the best
sounding & performing Oppo 205 mods in the world, this is it!
October 2018
This is one of our modified Oppo UDP-203 players for a customer that has a
upgraded linear power supply that is also modified (no other modifier offers
tweaked/modified linear power supplies like we do). There are custom
tweaked Bybee Slipstream filters for the AC and a Audio Magic Ultimate
Beeswax fuse in the power supply and a tweaked Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX.
There is also a tweaked exotic 4 pole Jensen capacitor for extra noise
suppression. There are some other options that can be done for further
higher performance.  If your looking for the best sounding and performing
Oppo 203 mods in the world, this is it!
ASi Teknologies
"Ultra High Performance Hi-Fi Modifications & New Innovative Audio System Solutions!"
"Since 1995"
This is a pic of a Behringer DCX2496 2 input, 4 output Statement
mod done with the
ASi OTM low impedance battery supply.
Unbelievable sound! Totally transparent!! Blows away any stock
processor/crossver out there regardless of price!
Here is a pic of a Statement Modified DCX2496 with all mod
options, sitting on top of the
ASi OTM low-impedance battery
supply that powers the critical audio processing and clocking.
If you want the best possible sound with a line level digital
crossover, this is your answer! This is the most transparent
crossover you will find! ALOT of hard work goes into building
this incredible sounding setup!