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Rega Saturn High Performance Modifications
High Performance Modification Rebuild for Rega Saturn
$995, 7-10 Day turnaround

~Power Supply modifications- Replace stock diode recitifiers with ultra fast low impedance rectifiers for less noise. Replace vast amount
power supply voltage rail capacitors throughout the entire unit with Rubycon and Panasonic ultra low impedance capacitors to improve
filtering.  Replace main voltage regulator feeding Wolfson DAC section with
Dexa UWB (ultra wide band voltage regulator) to provide
substantially cleaner power to ensure dac chips are performing to much higher standards over stock.

~Master clocking upgrade- Replace stock master TCXO clock with the proven Dexa D-Clock. This lowers jitter to the DSP servo section
which makes the unit be able to read the discs more accurately and with substantially lower digital circuit noise for more soundstaging,
resolution, imaging, dynamics, etc

~Analog output stage rebuild- Completely bypass the stock saturn analog stage and rebuild with very high performance signal
coupling transformers.
This eliminates all circuit coupling capacitors, resistors, relays, transistors, etc. Since the output stage is essentially
shortened extremely, this will bring new profound levels of music not heard before as it was smeared or withheld in the stock analog stage.
Since the transformers are passive devices, there is no interactions with the AC mains and the sound is even cleaner and now has galvantic
isolation between the digital circuits and your preamp. The transformers act as signal and ground isolators. The output voltage can be set to be
a nominal 2volts or 4 volts for more system flexibility. We prefer to set it at 4volts unless the customer has a very touchy preamp.
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