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-Power Supply upgrades/rebuild-
Improve fusing in main power supply, Replace critical diode bridges with Ultra Fast Diode
Rectifiers for removal of glare and grain. This improves bass and resolution. Replace all
key capacitors in circuit with and abundance of Rubycon Ultra Low Impedance capacitors
for substantial improvement in power supply filtering. Improve power supply reservoir
capacitance and lower noise levels to dac and digital processing circuitrys.

DEXA D-Clock Reference Clock Upgrade-
The OEM Rotel master clock is a basic pierce oscillator which feeds directly into the ASIC
(DSP) chip . Phase noise and power supply injected noise here is high affecting all audio
and video formats with "jitter". The DEXA clock has an extremely low phase noise
oscillator (around 1.5 picoseconds Jitter RMS) and dramatically improves all areas of CD
playback. The ultra-low jitter and noise performance of the D-Clock immediately releases
impressive sound quality & shifts the players tonality to remove hardness & harshness;
the overall frequency range is more natural and unforced. Lower frequencies on CD
playback have greater impact, weight and control. Greater dimension is added to music
and movies, vocals and instruments having improved spatial qualities with a more solid,
palpable feel. The DEXA clock has a very unique function of isolating the clock signal
ground to the power supply ground, so there is
no ground loop, and also there is no
Mains Noise injection
for the cleanest clock signal possible.

The DEXA D-Clock now eliminates the need for a dedicated (and costly) external
dedicated power supply due to its inherent mains/ground isolation topologies.
Highly Recommended by all means for the best audio performance!

2ch Analog Output Stage Parts Upgrades-
The 2ch analog output stage section is addressed with better signal parts for a much
better sounding 2ch output. The OEM capacitors are replaced with ultra low impedance
Rubycon versions. The opamps after the DAC chip are replaced with the best sounding
versions on the market made by Burson Audio for more clarity, speed and punch! The
output is tuned after the opamps for optimal sound.

This all brings a nice improvement to the overall tonality, sound staging, bass depth and
amount and high frequency response of this 2ch output.
High Performance Modifications!
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The Rotel RCD-1072 is still a great choice when it comes to single disc CD and HDCD
playback, even in todays day of age of computer audio and Blu-ray audio systems. Build
quality is solid, aesthetics are rather pleasing. A look inside shows typical "mediocre"
quality capacitors and opamps. A week of listening to the stock unit shows a good
performer with decent quality bass and detail retrieval. I could immediately hear the
potential with the stock design. I was craving more refined bass, more midrange purity and
emotion and high frequency extension and refinement. In order to accomplish my goal I set
out to the normal (triple play) modification approach: Power Supply Modifications, Clocking
upgrade and Analog output stage upgrades.  The whole key to the power supply mods is
reduce noise as low as possible and provide faster voltage transfer characteristics to the
circuits so they perform to their optimum.  This improves bass speed and transients, clarity
in voices and the hash up in the treble range. The clocking part of the mod is really a huge
upgrade as the stock oscillator is just a 50 cent part wrapped around a rubber like
vibration isolator. Replace this cheap part and feeding the circuit with the incredible DEXA
D-Clock (about 100 times lower in jitter than the stock part!) brought a serious, instant
improvement across the entire listening spectrum. Bass was so much deeper and
pronounced, the timing of instruments seemed right on pace, and I could hear some details
that were not present before because they were being lost in error in the digital domain
due to phase noise or more commonly known as "jitter". The analog output stage mods
were the icing of the cake with replacing a slew of stock mediocre capacitors with ultra low
impedance replacements to drastically improve noise characteristics in the DAC region.
We had recently done allot of comparisons of opamps on the market and wanted to put in
some killer opamps into this player as it uses a voltage output DAC chip which isn't the
best idea for coupling through a capacitor and then driving a transformer with. So we
replaced the stock burr brown opamps with the new Burson Audio Discrete opamp modules
and what a incredible improvement! It was like someone dialed the bass up and took a
cloth sheet and removed it from the front of the speakers! I am really convinced about
these opamp modules as I have used so many different kinds and these really take the
cake!  This modification is needed by all RCD-1072 owners to really experience what this
player is capable of doing! So great!
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