ASi Teknologies
A list of new - never seen before - functions is introduced with this high end reference clock,
but not least new mindblowing performance will set new standards in the world of high end
audio clocks.  

  • New low distortion 3 transistor hybrid oscillator.
  • Precision better than +/- 0.2 ppm.
  • Precise temperature stabilization at 37 degress C.
  • Double insulated voltage regulators.
  • Power Supply Noise detector.
  • Insulated Signal Injection Point. (Voids Ground Loops).
  • Ultrastable PTFE ( Teflon ) RF Trimmer.
  • Mechanical size : 107 x 44 x 12 mm (p 25 mm).
Rather than the usual RF shielding metal box, which doesn't exactly
spell resonance free (try and tap on it), we used a special RF
absorbing foam, as used in RF measurement laboratories. This cell
foam also has a dampening effect on any mecanical vibration, that
might reach the PCB itself.
The Neutron Star has a few special features. A circuit constantly monitors the noise on the
power supply rails, if the noise is unacceptably high, a RED LED will light up to let you know
that you can benefit from using a cleaner power supply.

The crystal and oscillator is placed on an isolated pad of the PCB, where power resistors
and a thermostat keeps every temperature sensitive component at a constant 37 degrees
centigrade. This allows for ultra high frequency stability. A green LED on the PCB will light
up, when the correct temperature is stabilized. If it gets too hot or too cold, the green LED
will turn off. Usually it takes a few minutes for the thermostat to reach the correct
temperature, this is because in design they wanted to keep the power supply current of the
Neutron Star absolutely constant. So the heating elements are kept to the lowest possible
power consumption.
Dexa Neutron Star Clock
Flagship Ultra High End Reference Master Clock

For CD/DVD/SACD players, Transports, DAC's, Processors, Computer audio
products, etc..
Technical Specification
  • Nominal Supply Voltage 12 V DC
  • Supply Voltage Range  10 - 24 V DC
  • Supply Current   150  mA
  • Allowable Ripple   100  mVpp
Neutron Star Installed into Behringer DCX2496 Analog EXTREME
mod package. Talk about a DCX2496 on serious steroids!!
Neutron Star installed into a ASi Fully Modified Oppo DV-983H . Stunning
2ch audio playback. Never thought a oppo could sound this great!!
Neutron Star installed into a NAD M5 Master Series CD/SACD
player. This unit has the Ultra Premium Modification Rebuild
package installed and is completely state of the art sounding.
This is the best sounding M5 in the world!!
Neutron Star installed into the Esound CD-E5 CD player. This is part of the
statement package we offer for the Esound and this player is one of our first and
best recommendations for the person who wants a State of the Art audio playback
machine that outperforms players costing well over $25K!!  If your looking for the
best sounding CD player the Esound CD-E5 is the complete winner!
TWO Neutron Stars installed into the ASi Statement Modification for the
Cambridge 840c. One clock is for the servo (CD section) and the other clock is
the masterclock for the DSP section.  Wiring is done with ASi custom silver wire
and natural unbleached cotton tubing.
This is the Wadia 170i modified with $395 modification package
and $695 Neutron Star flagship clock upgrade.
UNBELIEVABLE improvement as the stock jitter is SKYHIGH!
Neutron Star mounted deep into a $17,000  Esoteric XO1-D2
player. Substantial improvements in audio performance over the
much most costlier external available clocks that are available as
a upgrade from the manufacturer....
Slim Devices (Logitech) Transporter with Neutron Star
Flagship clock upgrade! What a dramatic improvement. This is
part of our premium modification upgrade.
Xindak DAC-5 with Neutron Star installed.
Major boost for this nice chinese made DAC!
Bel Canto DAC 3 with Neutron Star replacing the
"ultraclock" circuit. What a great improvement!   
Pioneer DV-79AVi CD/SACD/DVD player with Neutron Star
installed in place of stock master clock. Video looks much better
and audio sounds so much finer, focused and resolute than ever!
Benchmark DAC1 with Neutron Star installed. Feeds direct to DSP
and DAC chips for the best performance. Amazing improvement
over stock cheap TCXO clocking circuit!
Esoteric DV-50 with Neutron Star Flagship clock installed to
replace stock master clock. Dramatic improvements across the
entire audio spectrum. Music now has no boundaries and much
more information is being resolved and focus is spot on,
whereas before the focus was kinda muddy and the
soundstage was veiled and congested.
The Neutron Star (circuit board on the left) is a
sophisticated clocking circuit with built in intelligent
monitoring, very low noise onboard regulators and
isolation transformer ensuring no noise from power
ground to clock ground for the best signal output.
This clock replaces the very inexpensive crystal
oscillator or tcxo and manufacturers upgraded
clocks in any piece of gear you own that uses
clocking systems (all digital sources, dacs, etc
Old Installation pics: