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PS Audio HCA-2 Modifications

ASi offers High Performance Modifications to the now "Classic" PS Audio HCA-2 digital
amplifier. Simply a superb amplifier for the money. The HCA-2 contains many great attributes
as is, but as we always point out, nearly all high end audio gear can be taken further through
well thought out modifications.

Modifications Description

Ultra Low impedance/High Ripple Current Rubycon capacitors-
We replace all reservoir, signal, and voltage rail decoupling capacitors with Ultra Low
Impedance Rubycon series caps! In our opinion, the Rubycon capacitors sound superior to
even the very best Blackgates. We believe they are the most transparent electrolytic cap
available(offering more realism, space, and resolution within the soundstage)

Special Custom Diode bridges
ASi replaces all diode bridges with its own custom version for much lower noise.

Special Opamp replacement
Replace "Industry Standard" opamps used inside amplifier with the best sounding
op-amps on the market from National Semiconductor. This is a major improvement. The
OEM opamps are well over 25 year old design and replacing them with a new design that
has almost an unmeasurable noise characteristic brings a tremense improvement!

Silver wire & Natural Unbleached Cotton Tubing
Replaces all internal signal path wiring. This makes a really large improvement as the
stock wiring is monster cable and uses ring connectors and terminals to connect. We hard
solder the silver wire right to the circuit and the cablepod binding posts for the best

Eichmann Cablepods Binding posts
We replace the stock WBT Midline binding post to the Eichmann Cablepods. This removes
allot of metal from the speaker output thus the cablepods act like its part of the wiring and not
introducing additional distortions (eddy currents) into the critical speaker output signal.

What to Expect after the Mods...

After several iterations of the mods to the HCA-2 we finally came to agreement that the above
approach was best. Immediately, one notices the airier highs and tonally natural midrange.
There is now a relaxed feel to the music akin to listening during the early morning hours
when the clean AC provides the magic in your system. Transients seem faster and more
effortless. Dynamics are improved from top to bottom giving more realism to small quartets,
large orchestrals, and vocals. A bit of flatness with the stock HCA-2 is replaced with a far
more 3-dimensional holographic sound. Detail retrieval is not thought about is
simply part of the music. We urge any HCA-2 owner or even prospective buyers to consider
the "Modified HCA-2" as we are confident it will easily compete with units costing thousands
Request More Information about our HCA-2 mods and any special request!
Full Modification package
$650 installed, return shipping included
1 week turnaround
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This mod is out of date and we have a new 2018 mod
that is much improved and using newer/better parts.
Please contact us for quote until we update this
webpage with the new 2018 mod information/pricing.