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For Sale/Consignment:
                               ASi NLS (No Limit System)  
      Complete high end system built into a wooden enclosure.
     MSRP $9995, Sale $5995
Now on sale $4900
100% Low Impedance Battery Power Non-Moving part system! Chassis made with mahogany wood and is thoroughly EMI/RFI
shielded. Contains very high quality SD card player for playback of 16/44.1 Lossless WAV files. The output of the SD circuits feeds
via I2s into the ASi No Limits DAC section. The NL DAC circuit board also include a very high quality USB input (add your USB cable
inside to the connector).The output of the NL DAC section feeds into a 24 step (remote controlled) very high quality battery powered
LDR volume control circuit.  There are also 3 stereo analog Aux inputs for connector of external CD/DVD players, phono stages,
music streamers, etc. There is a dual preamp output section to allow powered subs or headphone amp to be used. The output of
the LDR preamp/Aux input system feeds into a pair of custom Tripath TA2020 amplifier modules, acting in Dual Mono configuration.
These provide roughly ~19w rms each channel. We recommend 93db+ speakers with this type of power level. Everything is
completely battery powered. Each circuit has its own charging network. (SD CARD/NL DAC/LDR/Dual Mono 2020's) and can be run
independently. For example, if you want to bring in a USB input you can turn off the SD card section. If you are using a external
analog source, you could turn off the NL DAC and SD card section for improved performance. There is no custom modifer or
manufacturer that makes anything like this in the entire world. You will never find complete system in box like this, and for half price!
Play up to 32GB SD cards. Dual remotes for volume control,
aux input, and file/track selection. Very smooth and slick
working system!
IEC power port for battery charging. Eichmann cablepods for stereo
outputs. 4 heavy duty switches to control on/off power control for SD
card, NO Limits DAC, LDR volume control and Dual Mono 2020 amps.
Hole drilled on back left side to allow a USB cable to pass through the
box. This box does it all!
7 total batteries! Lots of mod parts such as
Bybee Music Rails, Mundorf AG capacitors,
EMI/RFI shielding, silver wiring, etc...
SD card section and NL DAC circuit board,
showing Burson Discrete regulator, Bybee
Music Rails and very high quality (shielded)
audio coupling/isolation transformers!
Performance details
Application(s). Time-coherent 2-way speaker sounds best on stands or a bookshelf.

User adjustability (Soundfield Convergence™). Tweeter adjusts front-to-rear in its channel via easy-to-
use thumb-nut.

Room size. Small to medium, 100-500sf.

Power (amplifier’s 8 ohm rating). 7 to 150 Watts.

Response. In-room, typically +/- 2dB from 50Hz to 20kHz; - 3dB frequencies below 47Hz and above
26kHz. 20 to 24-inch high speaker stands recommended.

Distortion. <0.5% harmonic 100Hz-12kHz, <1% intermodulation, both at 98dB at 1m (I.M.D. is for any
two frequencies separated by a 10:1 ratio.)

Phase shift. +/- 2 degrees acoustically, from 200Hz to 8.5kHz for Eos HD. Does not vary with
loudness. For Eos HX, spec is +/- 2 degrees acoustically, from 50Hz to 10kHz.

Rise time. <10 microseconds, positive or negative input. Does not vary with loudness.

Polarity. Positive, over full bandwidth.

Dispersion. Omni at 47Hz, smoothly decreasing to cardioid at 12kHz.


Impedance. 4.8 Ohms, +/- 0.75 Ohms 100Hz to 20kHz. Does not vary with loudness.

Sensitivity. 90dB for 2.83V at 1m, at sea level. Dynamically linear within 0.5dB to 100dB.

Max SPL. 105dB peak at 3m from stereo pair, first-arrival (without room gain).

Pair matching. Amplitude +/- 0.25dB; impedance +/- 0.15 Ohms, 160Hz-8kHz; crossover parts +/- .

Physical details
Cabinet finish and choices. Clad in black Texture-Kote™ for the look of pin-grained leather. Bolivian
rosewood trims the top channel.

Grilles. Speakers have been designed for foam grilles to be left in place.

Accessories. Ownership Guide.

Size. 19.875"H; 8.8"W 12.625"D. For speaker stands, base: 7"W, 10.875"D.

Weight. 45lbs. (20.5kg) each.
Green Mountain Audio EOS HX
These are Green Mountain Audios top of the line monitors. Charcoal cast marble
w/Bolivian Rosewood trim. Very light use, open box, never been shipped before.  
New price was $4600,
sale price $2100 via Paypal.  We can do C37 Gold
Standard to the speaker drivers, Silver wiring upgrades, capacitor/resistors
upgrades to the crossover inside and tweaked Bybee Filters. Please inquire.
August 2018