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Budget Modification-  
Modification Package Descriptions (applies to all one-box players)
$995 Total, includes return Fedex ground services

-Power Supply upgrades/rebuild-
Replace all critical diode bridges with Ultra Fast Diode Rectifiers for removal of glare and
grain. Replace all key capacitors in circuit with and abundance of Rubycon ZL series Ultra
Low Impedance capacitors for substantial improvement in power supply filtering.

DEXA Neutrino 2 Reference Clock Upgrade-
The OEM Esoteric master clock is a basic pierce oscillator which feeds directly into the
ASIC (DSP) chip . Phase noise and power supply injected noise here is high affecting all
audio and video formats with phase noise a.k.a. "jitter". The DEXA clock has extremely
low phase noise oscillator (around 1 picoseconds Jitter RMS) and dramatically improves
all areas of CD, SACD and video playback. The ultra-low jitter and noise performance of
the Neutrino immediately releases impressive sound quality from all Esoteric Models &
shifts the players tonality to remove hardness & harshness; the overall frequency range
is more natural and unforced. Lower frequencies on CD/SACD/DVD playback have
greater impact, weight and control. Greater dimension is added to music and movies,
vocals and instruments having improved spatial qualities with a more solid, palpable
feel.DEXA clock has a very unique function of isolating the clock signal ground to the
power supply ground, so there is
no ground loop, and also there is no Mains Noise
for the cleanest clock signal possible.

DEXA Neutrino now eliminates the need for a dedicated (and costly) external
dedicated power supply due to its inherent mains/ground isolation topologies.
Highly Recommended by all means for the best audio and video performance!

2ch Analog Output Stage Parts Improvement
The 2ch analog output stage section is addressed with better signal parts for a much
better sounding 2ch output. The OEM capacitors are replaced with ultra low impedance
Rubycon Z series versions, the current to voltage and/or buffer opamps are replaced w/
best sounding versions available called Dexa Discrete Opamps. There is nothing
bypassed or any transformers added, this mod just improves upon the stock signal parts
This brings a nice improvement to the overall tonality and sound staging of the 2ch

This is a great starters budget mod, but the real sound comes with the packages

Introducing our tried and true high performance modification packages that will take
your Esoteric unit to a much higher level of performance across the entire audio
spectrum. These mod packages are designed to significantly improve the 3 main
circuits inside the unit: power supply, clocking for servo and DSP, and analog output
stage. Since we have worked on virtually all the models, we have found that the
modifications are just about the same from model to model, hence we have made
these modification packages that will encompass all the models equally.  This mod
package will make your unit (ie: DV50 or DV60) sound better then the other models
above it in the line. Also, if your unit has video capabilities, this will look better.
We have modified hundreds of Esoteric units since 2004!

Phone: 586-944-5611

We Ship World Wide!
Premium Modification Rebuild-
Modification Package Descriptions (applies to all one-box player models)
$1500 Total, includes return Fedex ground shipping, 2 week turn around

Power Supply Modifications and Clocking upgrade is the same as level 1 mod,
the ONLY difference between Level 1 and Level 2 is the type of 2ch analog
output stage mods. Level 1 is a "parts swap" type of improvement (ie: superior
opamps, voltage capacitors, etc), and Level 2 is a "full rebuild" using ultra fine
quality audio signal coupling transformers or ASi discrete analog rebuild for the
XO-3/UX-3 models

-Power Supply upgrades/rebuild-
Same as Budget Mod

DEXA Neutrino Reference Clock Upgrade-
Same as Budget Mod

2ch Analog Output Stage Rebuild using Ultra High Performance Audio
Signal Transformers
(Note: Esoteric XO-3/UX-3 players use different mod, look below)
This is a complete rebuild of the stock analog output stage. We can totally redefine the
Esoteric 2ch output sound to create a much larger, livelier authoritative output stage,
increased loads of dynamics, speed and resolution. We replace an abundance of OEM
capacitors with the Rubycon Ultra Low Impedance caps. We disconnect the OEM 2ch
analog output stage, and rebuild it using the highest performance I/V opamps, custom
made Ultra Fine Quality Signature Audio Signal Coupling Transformers, and various
amounts of ASi 99.999%  cryo treated Silver wire and natural unbleached cotton tubing
is used. The output is true 100% balanced on the XLR outputs, and/or single ended is
done  optimally as well, your choice please let us know when ordering.
Here is the DEXA D-Clock
(now replaced with the
ASi Premium Modified Esoteric UX-3
Statement Modification Rebuild
Modification Package Descriptions (applies to all one-box player models)
$2900 Total,  includes return Fedex ground shipping, 3 week turnaround

Power Supply Modifications and Analog output stage rebuild is the same as the
Premium mod, the differences between Premium and Statement modification is
DEXA Neutron Star 2 Flagship clock, Bybee Music Rails, and C37 Gold
.  This is the package you want if your looking to achieve world class
state of the art performance!

-Power Supply upgrades/rebuild-
Same as "Premium Modification"

DEXA Neutron Star 2 Flagship Clock Upgrade-
This flagship clock upgrade will replace the stock master oscillator that feeds the internal
DSP circuitry control chip for the very least amount of noise and jitter possible and the
highest potential of performance that is possible within todays technological limits. With
the Neutron Star installed, the sound is so much more analog that you are detached
from the fact that you are actually playing a CD. Unprecedented World Class

~Bybee Music Rails DC Noise Filter Circuits upgrade
Bybee Music Rails are patented DC power conditioning circuits that are installed at the
tail end of the modified DC power supply to the load of a circuit. These are designed to
reduce noise on these voltage rails up to 45db. This is about a 4x noise drop! The sonic
improvements are transient performance (speed and accuracy), detail/resolution
increase (considerably less noise), dynamics/bass response will be lower and tighter and
stronger, and spatial resolution aspects dramatically improve as the sound stage is now
larger, clearly extending farther outside the speakers than before, and becoming deeper
– and with more precise individual image locations within the stage.

~C37 Vibration Resonance Lacquer
C37 vibration resonance lacquer is applied in multiple coatings to all modification parts
(capacitors, bybee music rails, etc), power supply parts, and transformers to reduce
internal resonances on these parts for very hearable  sonic improvements.  There is
considerably more subliminal information and atmosphere around voices and underlying
tones (many new natural organic tones heard across the frequency spectrum) that were
not present before the lacquer application and it only keeps getting better week after
week as the lacquer hardens and cures. The curing and break-in is about 10 weeks for
this incredible resonance lacquer.

Analog Output Stage Rebuild using Ultra Fine Quality Audio Signal
Same as High End Transformer stage as used in the Premium modification.  
ASi Modified Esoteric XO-5
Budget Mods Done
Here you can see one of the Discrete
Opamps and the DEXA installed in a XO-5.
Esoteric XO-5 Modified Power Supply
Budget Modification
Output Stage Mods
Esoteric SZ-1 Power Supply Mods

Note: Esoteric XO-3/UX-3/XO1-D2 players:
Since the design of the XO-3 and UX-3 is single ended only topology and Dual DAC
configuration in the XO1-D2, we have done extensive R&D into which is the best
sounding output stage configuration. We have found that a discrete modified output
stage rebuilt around our standards sounds the best. This
drastically shortens the
output stage for much purer sound. Since the signal coupling transformers typically
used only for dual differential circuits they will not be used in the output stage mods
forXO-3 and UX-3. We feel the sound is MUCH better with the discrete ASi rebuilt
circuitry for these models instead added the transformers for these specific units and
the XLR and RCA outputs will still both work together and perform the same.

Now your music is so much quieter, cleaner, clearer, more vivid,more resolute w/ no
lack of dynamics! Much more music, emotion, and drive over stock. Makes you want to
listen to your CD's instead of your vinyl !! If your using the 2ch analog outputs, you
need this modification to realize the most performance from your Esoteric model!
Esoteric DV-50 Statement Power Supply Mods
Esoteric DV-50 Statement Mod
Neutron Star Flagship Clock
Esoteric DV-50 Statement Analog Output Stage Rebuild
Notice the DEXA UWB Ultra Low Noise Regulators (blue leds), abundance
of capacitors replaced, & signature audio signal coupling transformers in
place to rebuild analog output stage among other mods performed in this
world class rebuild!
Updated July 2018
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Dexa Discrete Opamps
Neutron Star Clock
installed right here
Here is a pic of the hardwired AC input section to the switch to
remove all connections and oxidations. This is done in every mod.  
Also there is a pic of the Dexa Neutron Star clock installed, this is in
a Esoteric DV-50S.
Dexa Neutron Star Flagship Clock and Dexa Low Noise Supply
installed in a UX-1 Limited.
Here is a pic of a modified output stage section of a Esoteric D-03 DAC.
You can see the transformer output sage, upgraded power supply
capacitors and Dexa UWB low noise voltage regulator upgrade
Here is a full pic of a modified analog section and power
supply section in a Esoteric D-03 DAC. We disconnected
half of the power transformers as the mod bypassed the
stock analog output stage, so this means less overall noise.