ASi OTM Low Impedance Battery Supply
"Removing all of the noise created by todays noisy AC mains"
~Power cord for internal charging
~Digital timer
~30"  DC Umbilical Power cable
w/Neutrik connectors
~Optional 220v to 115v converter
for world wide usage
Oppo BDP-105 on OTM battery supply!
What a drastic audio transformation!
Gold (or Black) Anodized Aluminum
Chassis is
EMI/RFI  Shielded
Rear shot showing the Multi-Pin Battery
connector, Heavy Duty ON/OFF switch and
IEC for internal AC battery chargers.
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ASi OTM connected to a Fully Modified NAD M5 CD/SACD player.
The battery umbilical feeds from the OTM to a multi-pin chassis
mounted connector on the rear panel of the unit.The AC mains
powers the non critical circuits.
The ASi OTM low impedance battery supply
available in Black or Gold EMI/RFI reduction
aluminum chassis. Please specify your color
of choice on ordering.
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The ASi OTM ("Off The Mains") Low Impedance Battery Supply is a sonic gamechanging "retrofit add-on" modification upgrade
that bypasses specific critical power supply voltages that exist inside your Hi-Fi audio gear and replaces them with ultra clean battery
power instead.  For example, in a CD player/DAC/Audio processor, we battery power the critical audio processing circuits such as the
DSP circuit, DAC chips, upgraded master clock, analog output stage voltages (if necessary). The rest of the unnecessary circuitry
such as for the remote control, front display, etc is run from the units internal power supply as there is no need to battery power these
circuits and they would just introduce more load and noise. In some situations (such as Esound CD-E5, Marantz SA-8005/SA-11/SA-7,
Wadia 170/171i, PS Audio GCA preamp, etc), our ASi OTM can
COMPLETELY power your entire unit (no AC mains!) for the best
sound possible.    This OTM supply can be used with computers to power sound cards or other neat custom applications you might
have. In most applications, you will turn on the OTM supply first and then the component.   This upgrade is much more cost effective
than buying AC mains power conditioning products or expensive power cords. For a
fraction of the cost of some of the ac
conditioners on the market, you can get this battery supply mod done and have about 50x the performance over using the noisy ac
mains of 2017 (there are alot of cell phone/table/computer chargers on the grid throwing noise back onto it), so the OTM is the best
sonic solution to remove yourself from all this garbage that is muffling up your audio performance. The OTM has
, included is a external digital timer and power cord. The digital timer is preset to recharge the supply every night
(or your time preference) so the supply is always topped off and will never run down or out.  No maintenance! Set and forget! The
digital timer acts like a high voltage switch, so there is
never any AC inside of the battery supply while you are listening for the
quietest and best audio performance. The OTM enclosure is made from EMI/RFi reduction aluminum and is further RFI taped
internally to reduce resonance along with a wooden base floor for resonance and stability for shipping, the color choices are Black or
Gold. The
standard enclosure size is 12"W x 12"L x 5"H (however they can go as big as 19"W x 25"D x 9"H for custom use for
many batteries for powering multiple components) so this supply can mount below in a rack shelf. The supplyif used correctly should
last easily 8-10+ years without needing to replace any of the batteries. We have built hundreds of custom OTM supplies starting since
2006. We sell and ship these
WORLD WIDE. If your located in a 230V country, we can supply you a 230 to 115 volt step down
transformer so this external battery supply will work fine.
Esound CD-E5 CD player (fully modified)
connected to the ASi OTM. This battery supply
runs this entire CD player! Best sounding CD
player in the world!
100% battery powered!
Another picture of the Esound CD-E5
with ASi OTM battery supply. Best
sounding CD player in the world!!
Wadia 170i custom modified along with ASi
OTM battery supply. This wadia is 100%
battery powered! Best sound possible!
Rear side picture of the 100% battery
powered Marantz SA-11S1, showing you
the shielded battery cables, switches and
Modwright BDP-105 that was completely remodified with
upgraded parts/mods to the unit and the ASi OTM added to
power all the rest of the audio circuitry. This made a
monumental jump in performance!
ASi Teknologies
"Ultra High Performance Hi-Fi Audio Modifications & New Innovative Audio System Solutions"
"Since 1995"
100% battery powered fully modified Marantz SA-11S1
This is a full monty mod design using (2) ASi OTM's to
properly battery power the ENTIRE modified marantz
unit! This is an example of one of the best sounding
SACD/CD players in the world! This player need no AC
and sounds out of this world!