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New Oppo BDP-105/D
Modifications available.
Best sounding mods on the
market... Hybrid Battery
Power! We are the only
modifiers using batteries to
get maximum performance.
Wadia 170iTransport
New Modifications and optional
upgrade to vastly improve your
lossless audio performance
from your iPod/Touch/iPhone
for maximum musical
We do repairs to both stock and
previously modified equipment.
contact us for more info.
Blackgate Capacitors Failure Announcement (Updated):
We have been receiving a good amount of equipment in for repair (modified by others)
over the past 5 years  that has become suddenly defective for the customer (output
channels failing, no sound, power supply failures, disc reading issues, etc). We have
been discovering internally shorted out blackgate capacitors installed previously that
are prematurely failing or failing due to heat, etc. Blackgate capacitors have a 85 degree
temperature rating celcius (which is 20 degree below normal high performance marketed
caps... ) and in tube gear or similar that generate heat in the local area could lessen the
life of locally installed blackgates. Heat is the largest culprit of component failure.  The
Rubycons/Panasonics replacements are all rated at 105 degrees Celcius and have much
longer longevity, have lower internal impedance and sound better for longer time
period, cleaner and clearer, better speed. Heat, humidity and moisture shorten shelf life.
If you have any equipment modified with blackgates, please keep this in mind.  
If your interested in finding out more information, please
email us here.
The ASi OTM (Off The
Mains) Battery Supply can
be retrofitted with any CD
player,ALL Computer
Audio, DAC's, processors
to power the critical DSP,
DAC, Clocking, & Analog
output stages off the AC
mains for the best
performance. Step up to
the big leagues with low
impedance ASi OTM
battery power!
If your not on OTM , your
not hearing everything!!!!!!!
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